Kimpton 12 VAMs

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Kimpton 12 VAMs

These represent 12 Morgan dollar clashed die varieties, not represented in the Top 100 and Hot 50 lists that were discovered after the publication of the "Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars" book and determined to be desirable by Dr. Mark Kimpton.

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Slot Year VAM Description
1 1878-P VAM-225A Denticle Impressions Below Tailfeathers
2 1878-CC VAM-7A Clashed G, st
3 1879-CC VAM-2B Clashed G, t
4 1882-O VAM-38A Clashed G,t,t,D,M + N Break
1882-O VAM-38B Clashed G,t,t,D,M + N Break + Obverse Radial Crack
5 1890-O VAM-1C Denticle Impressions Below Tailfeathers
6 1890-O VAM-2A Clashed G,t
7 1891-O VAM-14A Clashed od We and M Clashed Below Reverse Motto
8 1896-O VAM-18A Clashed G,t
9 1898-O VAM-4A Clashed IN,t,O,M
10 1902-O VAM-45A Clashed I,st
11 1921-P VAM-31A Denticle Impressions Above Arrowheads
1921-P VAM-31A1 Denticle Impressions Above Arrowheads
1921-P VAM-31A2 Denticle Impressions Above Arrowheads
1921-P VAM-31B Denticle Impressions Above Arrowheads
12 1921-P VAM-53 Obverse Denticle Impressions