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I started collecting VAMs in November 2013. Didn't know I was collecting VAMs at the time. I thought I was speculating in silver. Then I began to study them more closely and was attracted to their complexity and beauty. Mr. Morgan truly new what he was doing. I am a newbie and don't pretend to be anything else. There have been a lot of people here who have helped me and I appreciate it immensely. People like Metalencephalon, BobbyJenkins, Albannach, Mhomei, Raynat, BrianRaines, JAustinRB and a number of others.
In my other life I am a psychologist, an Episcopal Deacon, we rescue greyhounds, bassets, coonhounds and others. I live in the woods in the eastern part of the great state of Tennessee. I am a Veteran of the USN,(Vietnam) as is my wife and I am heavily involved in Veteran's issues.
Collecting VAMs gives me freedom from other concerns and I am now hopelessly addicted.
Take two aspirin, have a beer and call me in the morning if you can't remember your name..