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I am an avid coin collector. I enjoy Morgan Dollars as well as other issues. I am not a VAM expert, but I try to recognize the better known VAMs. I hope to get better. The E reverses are a favorite of mine as are the 1890-CC tailbars. I have the VAM encyclopedia and the VAM 100 guide. I appreciate this site for all the great information on the forum and the updates to the VAM encyclopedia. I believe variety is the prime motivation in coin collecting. I only post when I have something interesting or helpful to add to the conversation.
I am a big fan of Carson City Coins, particularly dollars. I am a member of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America. The link to their blog is as follows. : [[1]] The discussion froum there is at [] The coin on my avatar is an 1882-CC MS64 DMPL, PCGS purchased from JJ Teaparty in Boston. My most recent purchase is an 1882-CC VAM 2-A, NGC MS64PL from Logan. I also collect coins in other series that pique my interest.
I live in the Chicago area. I love to browse the bid board at the Niles Coin Shop on Milwaukee Ave near Howard St. I also enjoy the Glenview Coin Shop on Glenview Road near Waukegan Road and Harlan J Berk in downtown Chicago. Say hello anytime.