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Although I collect and deal in various U.S. Types and varieties, Canadian, Philippines, Mexico, and other world coins, my first love is silver dollars and silver dollar varieties and errors. I am especially fond of the 1878 8TFs and Morgan dollar varieties, but I also collect Bust, Seated, Peace, and clad Ike dollars. I've discovered many neat silver dollar varieties over the years and created the VAM Discovery Hall of Fame.
More than a decade ago, I teamed up with my mentor, Jeff Oxman, to write the Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: the VAM Keys book. Since then, I've published a newsletter and pricing guide for the hobby called Top 100 Insights & Value Guide. After the first 10 years of the newsletter, I published a Decade of Top 100 Insights so that newcommers to this area of collecting could see the history and development of silver dollar variety collecting. I've worked with several other collectors to publish their own books on silver dollar varieties, and have mentored hundreds of other collectors over the years. With Jeff, I've taught summer seminars on silver dollar varieties at the ANA in Colorado Springs. I'm easy to reach at [[1]], and always responsive.
I carry many silver dollar variety references at my web site at [], am the silver dollar variety attributor for CONECA, and, at times consult with some of the grading services. I've conducted several Spring Ultra Rarity auctions over the years (Terry Armstrong, Paul Pierce, Mark Kimpton, M.D., J.W Courter, Ph.D.) and handled many Finest Knowns and ultra rarities, including some of the most incredbile Leroy Van Allen pedigrees. I strive to please my clients by getting them record prices.
Chances are good that I have the coins you are looking for in my inventory, or know where to obtain one. I find it too time consuming to list everything I have, so if there's something you want, just ask. If there's anything I can help you with, please send me an E-mail. I'm often so busy, that I don't visit that often. If I can help, fine. If not, I may be able to refer you to someone who can help.
If you're not a member of the SSDC, I would urge you to join by contacting Mike Andrew at:

  1. [[2]] A strong SSDC will help all of us in the long run to promote this area of collecting to more collectors and to future generations. My latest wish is to see a more democratic SSDC with established bylaws, an active board of directors who are voted to office in good faith by its members, and a management with vision and good organizational skills to help foster its growth. I am as optimistic as ever about the future of silver dollar variety collecting.