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Elite 30 Peace, Published on Feb 4, 2013 by Dr. David Close, Numismatic author and researcher. A new book featuring 30 of the most significant Peace dollar varieties has been written. See examples of each of these new findings and what diagnostics to look for in this specialized area of numismatics.
Elite 30 Peace Dollars. VIDEO: 19:35. - YouTube [Watch Video]

Notice: The Elite 30 List for collection is very new and prior to its publication few of these varieties had been submitted for TPG attribution.
While the top population coins have been initially identified, the true population and rarity of many of these varieties will only be established if these varieties are actively sought by other collectors and submitted for attribution or recorded in the SSDC Registry.

Current census data should not be used to infer rarity.

Elite 30 Peace VAMs Population Project

This is the list of the Elite 30 Peace VAMs and we need the help of the VAM collecting community to put together the top population of these coins.
If you have a coin that is in the Top 5 examples of each of these listed VAMs, please edit the listing and move the rest down. If the list exceeds 5 just let it get longer. We will pare the list when done. IMPORTANT: We are asking that you complete this by October 22, 2012. Thanks very much for your help.