Broken Branch Mint Set

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By LionCutter

Being a collector (non-expert & VAMweenie) of Morgan & Peace Dollar VAMs over the years has made me appreciate about what is in the details. I have always been fond of breaks, cracks, clashes, gouges etc.... but when I see it over a mintmark, I have to have it (within reason). It is just plain fun to collect. So, I have decided to start a new set called the "Broken Branch Mintmark Set" so named by our own VAMworld member Old Collector Coins (Lance). It must have a die break or die crack either touching or protruding through the mintmark (CC, O, S, D). I have laid it out in Microsoft Word so it can be seen online for your use. It is not a saleable item, it is for free. As new discoveries come about with this set, they will be entered in. To qualify into the set, There must be a picture of it on its VAMworld page before acceptance into the set. I will from time to time update and attach to thread. HAVE FUN!

Broken Branch MM List

  1. 1879-O VAM-15A
  2. 1880-O VAM-13A LDS Doubled 80, Clashed Reverse M, Small O
  3. 1881-O VAM-53 Doubled 18
  4. 1882-O VAM-29A
  5. 1883-CC VAM-5C Doubled Date, CC/CC, Clashed Obverse Die, n & st *New 2015*
  6. 1883-CC VAM-5D Doubled Date, CC/CC, Clashed Die Break Cap Re-Classified from 5B
  7. 1884-O VAM-13
  8. 1884-O VAM-29A
  9. 1884-O VAM-32A
  10. 1884-O VAM-37A1
  11. 1884-O VAM-37A2
  12. 1884-O VAM-38 Far Date, Doubled 1, O Tilted Left, Possible 8 in Denticles Added 4/8/2016
  13. 1889-O VAM-16
  14. 1890-CC VAM-5A Doubled CC Top, Rev Breaks + Field Displacement1891-O VAM-9A Far Date, High O, Die Break E
  15. 1891-O VAM-9B Far Date, High O, Cud at NITE (WOW! Morgan VAM
  16. 1892-CC VAM-2
  17. 1895-S VAM-1A
  18. 1896-O VAM-14 Near Date, Doubled 6, O Tilted Right
  19. 1899-O VAM-5
  20. 1900-O VAM-31B
  21. 1900-O VAM-32 O Set High
  22. 1900-O VAM-32A Die Breaks ITED
  23. 1902-O VAM-45 Doubled Profile & Reverse Lettering, Die Pair #10
  24. 1902-O VAM-66A Doubled 1, Doubled Reverse Lettering, Pitted Die E-D, Die Gouges Wing
  25. 1902-S VAM-7 Near Date, Doubled Profile, 2 Olive Reverse
  26. 1903-O VAM-4A Doubled 3, O Set Right & Tilted Left, Ovaloid at neck
  27. 1904-O VAM-36 Doubled Profile & Hair, UNITED & Left Wreath
  28. 1904-O VAM-36A
  29. 1904-O VAM-37A
  30. 1904-O VAM-45
  31. 1904-O VAM-49
  32. 1921-S VAM-1CI Die File Lines and Over Polished Obverse and Reverse
  33. 1921-D VAM-1ES Die Break S, Scribbling Die Scratches #89 added 3-5-16
  34. 1923-D VAM-1B1
  35. 1923-D VAM-1B2
  36. 1923-D VAM-1AE1 Die Break Left of 1 #2

Other Possible Broken Branch MM
1896-O VAM-14 Near Date, Doubled 6, O Tilted Right
1921-D VAM-1CF Scribbling Die Scratches on Tail Feathers #7