Aw 6267 082317

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        Diagnostic Page & Study 1889-P VAM-7A

Posted Coin Comments:

  • Looks 7A EDS- confirmation needed. This Morgan has some of the features of a 7A. But, there's no obverse clash line at Liberty's Jaw-Neck joint and there's no die chip at the bust point. The no die chip at bust point would mean that it's not a VLDS, but must be getting there. Note the degradation of the obverse stars as well as the "E" and "P" on this coin...not as severe as on the 7A. It seems that this coin fits in with the V-7 family, but I'm not sure if it can be considered a true 7A without that obverse clash line. From what I can tell, this coin is a firm VAM-7, but may fall somewhere in the "polished out" non-clashed intermediary progression of 7B to 7A.
  • Progression of the die wear is goes 7,7B,7A
  • Collaboration by: SD Members


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Diagnostic Photographs:

File:Http:// aw 6267 082317b.jpg 415px |
File:Http:// aw 6267 082317n.jpg 415px |
File:Http:// aw 6267 082317p.jpg 415px |
File:Http:// aw 6267 082317 rev LFCP.jpg 415px |