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See the pics/links below. I want to provide as much info as I can, so this post may be bit long-winded, but I need some new eyes on this coin to try to determine if there is a VAM in place or not. After going through all possible VAMs that are normal,near and slanted, I cannot pin one down. The date on my coin is on the cusp of normal or near. I've had some feedback from both the Near and Normal camps. The only thing that bothers me about the V33 MM is it looks as if it had taken a hit and could have been possibly moved, all the other markers fit my coin, particularly the doubling in the reverse "A" in AMERICA.

I would appreciate it if the VW members could check this out and point me in the right direction, short of sending it to LVA as a final alternative.

Maybe someone out here has a V7, V14 , V33 or V57 for comparison. Those are the closest ones to my coin.

Thanks in advance.

1901-O VAM-XX

Diagnostic Page & Study 1901-O VAM-XX
Posted Coin Comments:

  • Coin appears to be a Near slanted date, C4/C3 2-olive reverse. There are none of these listed at VW that I can see. Also, date does not appear to me to have doubling. If there is, please educate me on what I'm missing and what to look for.

  • If coin is called a Near date,C4/C3 reverse, it might be a [V14] . However, my mintmark is a bit high sits right a bit, and tilted left.

  • If coin is called a Normal Slanted date C4/C3 reverse, there are 10 possible VAMs, but the following applies to eliminate them:
 [13]  - My coin does not have the horizontal bar in the mintmark.
[28] - No ear doubling. I believe I have a near date.
[36] - Date in wrong position. I believe I have a near date.
[36A] - No clashing on my coin.
[37] - No tripled eyelid on my coin. Wrong date position, calls for normal. I believe I have a near date.
[38] - My mintmark tilts left.
[51] - Date in wrong position, calls for normal. I believe I have a near date. No doubled hair over ear
[51A] - No clashing on my coin.
[54] - No threadlike impressions at the cotton leaf. No eagle neck spikes on my coin. Reeding normal. No die chip above wreath bow.
[59] - Date in wrong position. No scribbles on face on my coin. No die marker .

  • Lastly, if coin is called a Normal date, C4/C3 reverse, there are 20 last potential VAMs it could be. Of those, only [V33] may work due to the reverse doubling, but the mint mark is wrong. [V57] due to the single polishing line between top and middle olive leaf clusters, but the date doubling is not that strong on this coin. [V7], but no telling if date is slanted or not with the given pics in VW.

Collaboration by : SD Members

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Diagnostic Photographs:

File:Http:// aw 091117b LFCP.jpg 415px |
File:Http:// 091117l.jpg 415px |
File:Http:// 091117za.jpg 415px |
File:Http:// 091117p.jpg 415px |