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#TOP Intermediary Stage to 1921D VAM-1AT "Jet O" Die Break O of ONE

1AT Discovered by Rob Joyce April 2004 (Desirability: Star5.gif)

    • 1AT IV 1 · D2a (Die Break O of ONE) (189) I-3 R-6**
    • Reverse D2a–** Large die break on lower left outside of O in ONE.

__**Posted Coin Comments:**__

  • This coin appears to be in an EDS on it's way to a VAM 1AT since the major marker break at the "O" in ONE on reverse has not occurred yet.
  • Die cracks and scribble zone appear to lock it in for the eventual 1AT.
  • Collaboration by: SD Members

Diagnostic Photographs:

||||= **Intermediary Stage to 1921-D Raw Coin VAM-1AT I-3 R-6.** || ||||// Click on Photo to Enlarge. Click "Back" to return.// || ||= File:Http:// aw 082917a LFCP.jpg width="415" height="407" link=" 082917a LFCP.jpg" ||= File:Http:// aw 082917b LFCP.jpg width="415" height="407" link=" 082917b LFCP.jpg" || ||= File:Http:// aw 082917c.jpg width="415" height="277" link=" 082917c.jpg" ||= File:Http:// aw 082917u.jpg width="415" height="277" link=" 082917u.jpg" || ||= File:Http:// aw 082917za.jpg width="415" height="277" link=" 082917za.jpg" ||= File:Http:// aw 082917zb.jpg width="415" height="277" link=" 082917zb.jpg" ||

Crack Map 1921-D Intermediary stage towards VAM-1AT

||= File:Http:// 082917zn.jpg width="608" height="321" link=" 082917zn.jpg" ||