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Aw 082517

Diagnostic Page & Study 1882-CC VAM-3
Posted Coin Comments:
1. Reverted VAM-3 from VAM-3A. Re-polished stage between VAM-3A and VAM-3B.
2. Coin has a C3c reverse as the right C in the mint mark is lower and open so it falls into the VAM-3 family.
3. There is clashing on the obverse/reverse of pictured coin, but VAM-3 does not mention or show any clashing. Moving to the next stage, VAM-3A shows similar, but not the same
clashing as shown on this coin, particularly in the neck area. There is also slight differences in the reverse clashes as well. Prior to clashing damage that spawned VAM-3B, the VAM-3A
dies were repolished . The consensus among myself and others is that this coin is at a stage of VAM 3 that exists somewhere between VAMs 3A and 3B. VAM's 3C and 3D aren't in play
as a die break in the top of the cap occurs on both. My coin doesn't have this.
4. Question is, how should this coin be categorized?
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