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Attribution Guides for The D2 Reverse Hub (16 Berry Varieties)- WR

Attribution Guides

D2 reverse VAMs not Attributed (VNA)

The following pages are 1921-P D2 reverse coins that have previously been submitted for identification to
Leroy Van Allen, ANACS, or Variety Slabbing Service (or not submitted at all due to lack of scribbles).
All were called VAM 3. However, each coin seen here is a different VAM 3, with distinctive cracks, gouges,
polishing lines or other pick up points (PUPs) that differentiate them from others. Earlier die state examples
of VNA coins will hopefully surface in the future that allow conclusive VAM attributions to be made, but until
then these listings may give collectors more understanding of their coins.

  • Each coin has the same name prefix: D2 VNA.
  • The number after VNA is the order (-01, -02, -03, ect.) the coin was listed here
  • Words after the listing order are an obvious feature on the coin.
  • Letters in parentheses are the owner's initials.

D2 VNA-01 many cracks in STATES (unknown)
D2 VNA-02 crack from R to lower wreath (DH)
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