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(Comparison of Clashed Dies at different Die stages with Letter Transfer "t" : 1898-O VAM-13A)
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=1898-O VAM-13A Die Comparisons of Clashed "t" through multiple coins.=
Discovered by Mark Kimpton, April 2003.<br />
'''13A''' (revised) -''' III2 8 · C3b (Very Near Date, O Set High, Tripled 8, Clashed Obverse t) (181) I-2 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse III2 8''' Multiple clashed die with single or double partial incuse last t in Trust and wing edge from reverse showing in right vee of lower hair edge.<br />
'''Reverse C3b -''' Medium O mint mark set high and upright.<br />
'''Three LVA plate photographs are available at [[1898-O VAM-13A|1898-O VAM-13A]].'''<br />
Layout under development at  [[http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/Main/NeOr1898O13AComp Silver Dye.]]<br />
'''The following is not an Official LVA Page NOR is this an Official VW Page.'''<br />
This is an ongoing working Page. If you have helpful "stage" photos, Please contact me : Ron1883 .<br />
=Comparison of Clashed Dies at different Die stages with Letter Transfer "t" : 1898-O VAM-13A=
* Coins used for study "Attributed" by: VW members and VSS.<br />
* Coins involved; 1- NGC V-13 vss (nlt). 2- Raw coin Dbl"t"/Trip right rev. 3- Raw coin Dbl"t" obv/Trip L & R rev. . 4-Raw coin Dbl"t" obv./Trip L & R rev.2, 5-Raw coin Single"t"/Quad rev (NJM).<br />
* ''NOTE'' - No specific "Progression" is implied in order of charts.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1-''' Focus on the "t" Clash and Clash effects on specific coin areas.<br />
'''2-''' Study done for general knowledge of Vam-13A clash "t" events.<br />
'''3-''' Help clarify "stages" ''NOT'' yet understood.<br />
'''4-''' Collaboration by: rmg/lae2/njm.<br />
=1898-O VAM-13A Die comparison (181) I-2 R-5=
''Click on photograph to enlarge or print. Click "Back" to return.''<br />
<gallery mode=packed widths=250px heights=200px>
rmg_1898O_061215b.jpg|left|frame|NGC 65 NLT V13
rmg_1898O_070815bb.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip R.rev.
rmg_1898O_071615b.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.
rmg_1898O_080715b.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.2
Obverse "t" Clash
<gallery mode=packed widths=250px heights=200px>
rmg_1898O_061215zb.jpg|left|frame|NGC 65 NLT V13
rmg_1898O_070815g.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip R.rev.
rmg_1898O_071615h.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.
rmg_1898O_080715j.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.2
Reverse Right Wreath- Clashes
<gallery mode=packed widths=250px heights=200px>
rmg_1898O_061215r.jpg|left|frame|NGC 65 NLT V13
rmg_1898O_070815t.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip R.rev.
rmg_1898O_071615u.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.
rmg_1898O_080715z.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.2
Reverse "t" - Clash
<gallery mode=packed widths=250px heights=200px>
rmg_1898O_061215zi.jpg|left|frame|NGC 65 NLT V13
rmg_1898O_070815u.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip R.rev.
rmg_1898O_071615w.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.
rmg_1898O_080715x.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.2
Mint Mark
<gallery mode=packed widths=250px heights=200px>
rmg_1898O_061215v.jpg|left|frame|NGC 65 NLT V13
rmg_1898O_070815o.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip R.rev.
rmg_1898O_071615q.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.
rmg_1898O_080715o.jpg|left|frame|Dbl"t"/Trip L_R rev.2
=Quad Clash coin and below photo courtesy of Mhomei=
[[image:98-O-V13A-MITCH-COMP1.jpg |826px |link=file:98-O-V13A-MITCH-COMP1.jpg]]<br />
4 Clash shots below of QUAD Clash coin above.
<gallery mode=packed widths=250px heights=200px>
rmgnj_1904O_082415a.jpg|left|frame|Obverse "t" Clash
rmgnj_1904O_082415b.jpg|left|frame|Reverse Left Wreath
rmgnj_1904O_082415c.jpg|left|frame|Reverse Right Wreath
rmgnj_1904O_082415d.jpg|left|frame|Reverse "t" Clash
'''''NOTE:'' Single "t" Clash on the Quad.
-- All photos except Large Quad above as noted are by Ron1883 using a Leucht turm digital scope.
=1898-O VAM-13A WR Photos:=
Possible "Triple t"
<gallery mode=packed widths=250px heights=200px>
[ [[Ron1883Sandbox03#TOP|Top]] ][ [[Ron1883Sandbox03#BOTTOM|Bottom]] ]<br />
[[#BOTTOM]][ [[Ron1883Sandbox03#TOP|Top]] ] [ [[lae2|LAE]] [ [[Ron1883|RMG]] [ [[Ron1883Sandbox03|Development Page]] ]<br />
Collaboration by rmg/lae2/njm and the membership of VAMWorld.<br />
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