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'''<u>DVD Library Inventory:'''</u><br />
'''These DVD's were purchased from David Lisot at CoinVideo.com'''<br />
'''He can be reached via email at;'''mailto:dlisot@cointelevision.com '''David has a whole world of coin related DVD's!'''<br />
<u>'''To borrow these items listed below; You must be a member of VAMWorld. This can be verified via the Members pages here-'''</u><br />
http://www.vamworld.com/wiki/members<br />
I have an email address set up for requests to borrow and it will be posted here when the Library opens, on or about 4/1/2015!<br />
1) Die Varieties of Morgan Silver Dollars, A. George Mallis 1992, ANA Lecture Presentation - '''3 copies'''<br />
2) VAMIT! and Find a Fortune!, Michael Fey & Jeff Oxman 2001, ANA Lecture Presentation - '''3 copies'''<br />
3) Advanced Collecting of Morgan & Peace Dollars, Michael Fey 2003, ANA Lecture Presentation - '''3 copies'''<br />
4) SSDC First Annual VAM Thing, J. Oxman, M. Fey, Dr. M. Kimpton, E. Justice & J. Baumgart 2004, FUN Lecture Presentation - '''2 copies'''<br />
5) SSDC Fourth Annual VAM Thing, J. Oxman, M. Fey & A. Harrison 2007, FUN Lecture Presentation - '''2 copies'''<br />
6) SSDC Fifth Annual VAM Thing, A. Harrison & J. Oxman 2008, FUN Lecture Presentation - '''2 copies'''<br />
7) SSDC Sixth Annual VAM Thing, A. Harrison & J. Oxman 2009, FUN Lecture Presentation - '''2 copies'''<br />
8) ""[[Hot 50 Morgan VAMs|Hot 50]]"" Morgan Dollar Varieties, Jeff Oxman 2009, ANA Lecture Presentation - '''2 copies'''<br />
9) Peace Dollar VAM's, Dr. David Close 2009, FUN Lecture Presentation - '''2 copies'''<br />
10) VAM Peace Dollar Variety Update, J. Oxman & Dr. D. Close 2009, ANA Lecture Presentation - '''2 copies'''<br />
11) Find A Fortune in Silver Dollars, Michael Fey 2010, ANA Lecture Presentation- '''1 copy'''<br />
12) SSDC Seventh Annual VAM Thing, A. Harrison, J. Roberts, J. Baumgart & C. Morton 2010, FUN Lecture Presentation - '''2 copies'''<br />
13) Top 11 VAM Varieties to Buy, John Roberts 2011 FUN Show - '''1 copy'''<br />
14) SSDC Eighth Annual VAM Thing, A. Harrison 2011, FUN Lecture Presentation - '''2 copies'''<br />
15) Respectable Coin Photography, John Baumgart 2011, FUN Educational Series- '''1 copy'''<br />
16) Top 12 VAM Varieties, John Roberts 2016 FUN Show-Tampa, Fla.- '''2 copies'''<br />
17) SSDC Thirteenth Annual VAM Thing 2016, J. Baumgart, FUN Show-Tampa, Fla.- '''2 copies'''<br />
'''Other Information:'''
'''Other Information:'''

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By Kenny Margeson 2014/2015

"The Best Things in Life, Are Not Things.'"
Terry Armstrong,

The lending area is now open!!!

A NEW email address has been added, it's a bit easier to use!

Here is a video with some direction on borrowing of items: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=0OOYJLp0kUM

And here is the NEW email address for the Library:

This library is about VAMmers, for VAMmers. It is a FREE Library and open to ALL VAMworld members who are in good standing AND that I can PM via VAMworld. It will be a collection of videos and still pictures of VAMmers. It works much the same as the ANA library in that you may borrow items in the library inventory free of charge, however, you do pay shipping and insurance to and from the library just like the ANA library. Materials that are copyrighted may NOT be copied from library inventory. Non-copyrighted items are linked on this page. There will be an email address available that you can make requests to borrow an item from the Mallis library. Items will be loaned out on a first come first served basis. At first, due to demand, there is a limit of 'one' item per person until the dust settles. Thank You in advance for your understanding. I'm on target for an April release date!

Factoid: Did you know, Mr. George Mallis was born 100 years ago this September 2015!

Items will be loaned out for approximately 4 weeks at a time(5 if you include travel time), you will have a 'return by date', this IS NOT the return mailing date but the 'in library's hands' date. Items returned after that date will incur a late fee which is compounded by week. Fee's not paid or items not returned in a reasonable amount of time will result in forfeiture of privilege to borrow from the library...

Why a video/still pic Library you may ask. Wouldn't you like to meet/see Mr. Mallis or Mr. Van Allen? How about Jeff Oxman and Dr. Fey? J. Baumgart, R. Franklin, A. Harrison, R. Joyce, J. Lee, L. McKechnie, B. Raines, J. Roberts? What about Barry, Burchfield, Close, Coxe, Goldsmith, Graham, Hagler, Hill, James, Morton, Scott, or Zepke, and the list goes on and on AND on. How about one of MY personal favorites, Mr. Mark Kimpton! Some of the VAMmers out there have met these VAMmers, but most have not. We cannot, of course meet Mr. Mallis and MANY of the VAMmers who came before us. BUT, we can see Mr. Mallis in a video giving a presentation on Morgan Die Varieties! The others I mentioned, and MANY more are available on DVD's and the internet in video AND still pictures, some of which YOU have in your very own possession. This is the place where VAMmers present AND future will be able to see and hear other VAMmers from the past and present. Not just a name without a face, but a person with the very same interests. Books, periodicals and paper items will be available at a later date, but are not a primary focus at this time. However, the library will continue to grow and more items will be added to the inventory as they become available.

CoinWeek podcast interview with Leroy Van Allen

If you have film, video or still photos of VAMmers, this is the place to put it(or, you can send it to me- and I'll post it!)

Still Picture Links:





F.U.N. Pictures: -- 2014

F.U.N. Pictures: -- 2019

VAM Thing XVI 2019

Peter Burchfields 1878-S Long Nock Presentation 2019

A Dozen VAMs for 2019 by John Roberts

Video Links:







Other Information:

I will also be attending the annual VAM-Thing each January to video the event so everyone may see it here. I will also be conducting personal video interviews with VAMmers who are willing to do so. I'm calling it 5N5, which means five questions in five minutes(with set up and Hello's, it may take 10 minutes! Give a VAMmer (Me) a break, AND 10 minutes of your time). It will be the same five questions for all who participate and you will know the questions well in advance. I will also attempt to attend at least one more show each year, somewhere other than the East Coast so that other VAMmers get the chance to be seen and heard for all present and future VAMmers! :-) Suggestions are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Obviously, the bigger shows will have the most VAMmers in attendance! I am so looking forward to meeting YOU!...kenny!!

Here are the present 5 questions that will be asked in an interview of all VAMmers (Except Mr. Van Allen, of course)
1) When did you become a VAMmer?
2) What was the cause of your becoming a VAMmer?
3) Which is your favorite VAM memory?
4) Which is your favorite VAM?
5) Your advice to VAMmers?

5N5 Interviews:

John Baumgart; VW member as messydesk

Peter Burchfield; VW member as 78s-LongNock

Dr. David Close; VW member as davidclose

John Coxe; VW member as alefzero

Robert Franklin; VW member as Impaired Squirrel

Dennis Halladay; VW member as DHalladay

Russ James; VW member as twohawks

Jeff Oxman; VW member as jeff_oxman

Brian Raines; VW member as BrianRaines

John Roberts; VW member as vampicker

Kenny Margeson; VW member as ...kenny

Mike Faraone; VW member as MFaraone

Ash Harrison; VW member as Ashmore86

A Personal VAMming Story:

Lloyd Gabbert

Patrick Sisler (oldboats)

I would like to Thank Mr. Baumgart, Mr. Joyce and Mr. McKechnie for their help and guidance in this project.

A Very Special Thank You to my Coach and voice of reason, without whom I would have made 'several' wrong turns and this would not have taken place. Thanks Codman!