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1880-O VAMs

8 Specialty Categories
Not all Varieties are covered in these categories and all Categories are still works in progress
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Small Type 1 O Varieties

C3a Small O
 1880-O VAM-1 Normal Die, Small O
 1880-O VAM-1D Small O, Dot at Eye  see v53a
 1880-O VAM-1E Die Gouge Bottom Eagle’s Right wing *see v57
 1880-O VAM-4 Crossbar Overdate, Small O (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-6 8/7 Spike, Small O (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-6A 8/7 Spike, Clashed Obverse st, Reverse M, Small O (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-9 Doubled 0, Small O
 1880-O VAM-12 Doubled 1-80, Small O  
 1880-O VAM-12A Doubled 1-80, Scratched Nose, Small O 
 1880-O VAM-13 Doubled 80, Tripled 0,Small O
 1880-O VAM-13A Doubled 80, Clashed Reverse M, Small O 
 1880-O VAM-14 Doubled 80, Small O see v46
 1880-O VAM-18 Doubled 1-8, Small O
 1880-O VAM-19 Doubled 188, Small O
 1880-O VAM-21 8/7 Check Mark, Ear, Small O (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-23 Doubled Date, Small O *Revised 2013*
 1880-O VAM-26 Doubled 80, Small O (Existence Questionable) see v45a
 1880-O VAM-27 Doubled 80, Small O
 1880-O VAM-30 Doubled 880, Small O 
 1880-O VAM-32 Doubled 1-80, Small O
 1880-O VAM-33 Doubled 80, Small O
 1880-O VAM-42 Doubled 80, Small O (Existence Questionable) see v21
 1880-O VAM-42A Doubled 80, Die Scratches Left Wreath   (Existence Questionable) see v21
 1880-O VAM-44 Double Date, Small O
 1880-O VAM-47 Doubled Motto, 88, Small O
 1880-O VAM-56 Doubled 80, Profile & Phrygian Cap Top, Small O 
 1880-O VAM-56A Doubled 80, Phrygian Cap Top & Die Break Left U in UNUM, Small O 
 1880-O VAM-57 Doubled 1-8, Die Gouge Bottom Eagle’s Right Wing, Small O  see v1e
 1880-O VAM-60 Doubled 880, Small O
 1880-O VAM-64 Tripled 1, Doubled Left 8, Small O
 1880-O VAM-70 Doubled Date with Tripled O, Small O
 1880-O VAM-71 Doubled Date, Small O
 1880-O VAM-72 Doubled 80 & Ear, Small O
 1880-O VAM-75 Doubled Phrygian Cap, Die Scratches Wings 
C3a Small O with Dashed 8
+++ 1880-O VAM-37 Dash Under 8, Doubled 80, Small O (Existence Questionable)
 1880-O VAM-40 Doubled 880, Dash Under 8, Small O 

C3a Small O with Die Gouges UTF

 1880-O VAM-24 Doubled 880, Small O 
 1880-O VAM-24A Doubled 880, Small O, Die Scratches Eagle 
 1880-O VAM-62 Doubled 880, Clashed Reverse M, Small O
 1880-O VAM-65 Doubled 880, Small O  
 1880-O VAM-65A Doubled 880, Clashed Obverse n & ust, Reverse M 
 1880-O VAM-76 Doubled Date, Die Scratches Eagle 
C3c Small O O/O
 1880-O VAM-7 Small O/O, Pitted Obverse, Doubled 880 (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-29 Doubled 188, Small O/O
C3d Small O High O
 1880-O VAM-8 High Small O
C3g Small High O Set Right
+++ 1880-O VAM-25 8/7 Spike, High Small O Set Right (Existence Questionable) see v6
 1880-O VAM-28 Doubled 188, High Small O Set Right
C3h Small O Tilted Right
 1880-O VAM-39 Doubled 1-8, Small O Tilted Right 
 1880-O VAM-74 Doubled 880, Small O Tilted Right 
C3k Small O Doubled Right Wreath
 1880-O VAM-46 Doubled Ear, Motto, 80 and Wreath Leaf, Small O 
C3L Small O Gouged LTF Doubled United
 1880-O VAM-48 (Formerly 1A) Hangnail Eagle, Doubled UNITED, Doubled 8, Small O (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-49 (Formerly 6B) 8/7 Spike, Hangnail Eagle, Dbld UNITED, Clashed Obv n & st, Small O (Top 100 and WOW!) 
C3n Small O with Die Scratches Rt Wreath & Wing
 1880-O VAM-53 Doubled 880 & Lower Reverse, High Small O 
 1880-O VAM-53A Doubled 880 & Lower Rev, Die Scratches Right Wreath & Wing 
 1880-O VAM-53B Doubled 880 & Lower Rev, Die Scratches Wreath & Wing, Clashed Obv us & Rev M 
C3o Small O Set Right
 1880-O VAM-16 8/7 Check Mark, Small O Set Right (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)  
C3p Small O with Doubled Wreath
 1880-O VAM-6C 8/7 Spike, Clashed Obverse In, We, ust, Reverse M, Small O (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-6D 8/7 Spike, Clashed Obverse st (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-11 Dash Under 8, Doubled 188 & Wreaths, Small O 
 1880-O VAM-11A Dash Under 8, Doubled 188, Clashed Die Obverse st, M on Reverse, Small O 
 1880-O VAM-11B Undocumented Discovery
 1880-O VAM-55 8/7 Check Mark, Doubled Right Reverse, Small O (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-68 Doubled 80 & Wreaths, Small O 

Medium O Varieties

C3b Medium O
 1880-O VAM-2 Medium O 
 1880-O VAM-2B Clashed Obverse n, Reverse M
 1880-O VAM-2B1 Missing Rear Hair
 1880-O VAM-2B2 Missing Rear Hair, Clashed Obverse n, Reverse M 
 1880-O VAM-5 Crossbar Overdate, Medium O (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-10 Doubled 1-8, Medium O
 1880-O VAM-15 Doubled 80 & Ear, Medium O 
 1880-O VAM-15A Doubled 80 & Ear, Die Scratches Wings, Medium O
 1880-O VAM-17 8/7 Check Mark, Medium O (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-17A 8/7 Check Mark, Medium O, Clashed Obverse n & t (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-31 Doubled 880, Medium O
 1880-O VAM-34 Doubled 188, Medium O 
 1880-O VAM-35 Doubled 188, Medium O
 1880-O VAM-38 Doubled 18, Medium O 
 1880-O VAM-41 Doubled 1-80, Medium O
 1880-O VAM-50 Doubled 80, Medium O 
 1880-O VAM-52 Doubled 80, Medium O
 1880-O VAM-54 Doubled 188, Medium O
C3b Medium O with Dashed 8
 1880-O VAM-3 Dash Under 8, Doubled 80, Medium O 
C3e Medium O O/O Right
 1880-O VAM-20 Medium O/O Right
C3f Medium O O/O Low
 1880-O VAM-22 Doubled 880, Die Scratches Liberty Head, Medium O/O Low 
C3i Medium O/O Center,Doubled Reverse Legend
 1880-O VAM-43 Doubled Ear, Medium O/O Center, Doubled Reverse Legend (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
C3j Medium O/O Left
 1880-O VAM-45 Doubled 80, Medium O/O Left
 1880-O VAM-45A Doubled 80, O/O Left, Over Polished Reverse
C3m Medium O mint mark set slightly to left at normal height with very slight doubling at lower right inside.
 1880-O VAM-51 Doubled 80, Medium O Set Left
 1880-O VAM-58 Doubled 1-8, Medium O Set Left  See C3r Below
 1880-O VAM-66 Doubled 188, Medium O Set Left
C3q Medium O Tilted Left
 1880-O VAM-59 Doubled 1-80, Medium O Tilted Left
C3r Medium O high O
 1880-O VAM-36 Doubled 1-80, Medium O C3b
 1880-O VAM-58 Doubled 1-8, Medium O Set Left 
 1880-O VAM-63 8/7 Check Mark, Medium O Mint Mark Set High (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1880-O VAM-67 Doubled Date, Medium O Mint Mark Set High 
 1880-O VAM-77 Dash Under 8, Doubled 80, Medium O Set High *NEW 2014*
1880-O VNA Varieties
Eliminated Past Assignments
 1880-O VAM-1A (Reclassified VAM-48)
 1880-O VAM-1B (same as VAM-39 (Die Break Ear)
 1880-O VAM-1C (Reclassified VAM-2B)
 1880-O VAM-2A Impaled Eagle (Eliminated)
 1880-O VAM-2C Missing Rear Hair (Reclassified VAM-2B1)
 1880-O VAM-6B (Reclassified VAM-49 Hangnail Eagle)
 1880-O VAM-61 (same as VAM-21)
 1880-O VAM-69 (same as VAM-10)
 1880-O VAM-73 8/7 Check Mark, Doubled Right Reverse (same as revised VAM-55)