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7 over 8 Tail Feathers

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7 over 8 Tail Feathers

Apparently, a bald eagle has only seven tail feathers. The dies for the first Morgan Dollars were engraved with eight tail feathers. After a substantial number of coins were struck, the error was detected and it is believed dies that had been prepared were reworked by over-punching them with a 7 Tail Feather hub, resulting in the 7/8 Tail Feathers varieties.

7 over 8 Tail Feather Long Nock PAF
VAMS 30-45
If you have a 7 over 8 Tail Feather Reverse you will need to Count them and refer to listings for Identifcation. Carefully check the area in the field under the Olive Branch for other Die Markers and Match them as well with the listings.

  1. The 7 over 8 TF's are listed as 7/0, 7/3,7/4,7/5and 7/7
  2. the 7/0 TF's are easily confused with the B1 reverses be thorough when checking these diagnostics
  3. The VAM-30 is a 7/0 which has an extra Talon below the Olive Branch..the B1 reverses are clear in this area
  4. The VAM-31 is also a 7/0 however on the Obverse of the coin the N and M are broken in UNUM....B1's are Full Letters
  5. The VAM-45 IS ALSO A 7/0 with strongly doubled legs on the Eagle

7/8 Tail Feather Reverse, long nock, parallel arrow feather
1878-P VAM-30 7/0 TF Variety - Extra Talons
1878-P VAM-31 7/0 TF Variety - Lines Thru Leg
1878-P VAM-32 7/3 TF Variety (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-33 7/4 TF Variety
1878-P VAM-33A 7/4 TF Variety, clashed version of VAM-33
1878-P VAM-34 7/4 TF Variety (Hot 50 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-34A 4TF, Clashed Obverse t
1878-P VAM-36 7/4 TF Variety
1878-P VAM-37 7/4 TF Variety
1878-P VAM-38 7/5 TF Variety
1878-P VAM-39 7/5 TF Variety Gouge in Cap
1878-P VAM-39A 5 TF, Clashed Obverse n & t
1878-P VAM-40 7/5 TF Variety
1878-P VAM-41 7/7 TF Variety Gouge in Cap (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-41A Weak 7/4 TF Variety
1878-P VAM-41B 7/7 TF Variety Gouge in Cap, clashed obverse n
1878-P VAM-41C Weak 7/4 TF Variety, clashed obverse In & st
1878-P VAM-42 7/7 TF Variety
1878-P VAM-42A 7TF, Clashed Obverse In & st
1878-P VAM-43 7/0 TF Variety - Doubled Legs (Hot 50 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-44 7/5 TF Variety. Tripled Obverse blossoms, dbld eagles legs (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)
1878-P VAM-44A 3 TF, Clashed Obverse n & st, Reverse M
1878-P VAM-45 7/0 TF Variety. Eagle's legs are doubled to left (Top 100 Morgan Dollar)

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