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7 Tail Feathers, B2 Short Nock,

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1878-P 7 Tail Feathers B1 Long Nock
1878-P 7TF VAM-79 Obverse

(Missing nostril)

1878-P 7TF VAM-79 Reverse

(Missing nostril)

1878 RonH VAM-79 OBV 2--0mnnmn.jpg 1878 RonH VAM-79 REV 2--0mnnmn.jpg
1. Attribution Guides 1878-P 7TF B1 & B2 VAM Stats
2. Official VAM Listing 1. Mintage: 7,200,000 {Courtesy of PCGS Coin Facts)
3. List of Past VAM Assignments 2. Proof Mintage: 250 {Courtesy of PCGS Coin Facts)
4. Legend 3. Die Study completed: Yes.

7 Tail Feathers, B2 Short Nock, Parallel Arrow Feather

B2a Reverse / Normal
Official Listing
 1878-P VAM-100-1 (I Obv ) Doubled Obverse Motto (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-100-2 (I Obv ) Doubled Obverse Motto (Top 100 Morgan Vam)  
 1878-P VAM-110 (II/I Obv ) Broken N and M 
 1878-P VAM-111 (II/I Obv) Dropped R 
 1878-P VAM-112 (II/I Obv) Line in B 
 1878-P VAM-112A (II/I Obv) Line in B, Clashed Obverse G
 1878-P VAM-113 (II/I Obv) Flake on Cheek  *Revised 2017*
 1878-P VAM-114-1 (II/I Obv) Doubled R and Stars 
 1878-P VAM-114-2 (II/I Obv) Doubled R and Stars 
 1878-P VAM-114A (II/I Obv) Doubled R and Stars, Clashed Obverse t 
 1878-P VAM-115 (II/I Obv) Tripled Leaves & Cotton Bolls (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-116 (II/I Obv) Doubled P & 1-8 (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam)  
 1878-P VAM-116A (II/I Obv) Doubled P & 1-8, Die Gouge State 1 (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam)
 1878-P VAM-116B (II/I Obv) Doubled P & 1-8, Die Gouge State 2 (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam)
 1878-P VAM-116C (II/I Obv) Doubled P & 1-8, Die Gouge State 3 (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-117 (II/I Obv) Tripled Star, Closed O in God (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-118 (II/I Obv) Shifted P 
 1878-P VAM-119 (II/I Obv) Shifted E 
 1878-P VAM-120 (II/I Obv) Doubled P (not known to exist)
 1878-P VAM-121 (II/I Obv) Doubled Motto 
 1878-P VAM-122 (II/I Obv) Doubled Motto and First Right Star, Alligator Eye 
 1878-P VAM-123 (II/I Obv) Doubled R and UM (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-130 (II Obv) Normal
 1878-P VAM-130A (II Obv) Die Gouge IB, Die Chip Lower Cap
 1878-P VAM-130B (II Obv) Spike above eyelid, Semi-circular die gouges in wing
 1878-P VAM-130C1 (II Obv) Weak Nostril 
 1878-P VAM-130C2 (II Obv) Die Break Above Cap
 1878-P VAM-130C3 (II Obv) Die Break R 
 1878-P VAM-131 (II Obv) Normal (Proofs exist)
 1878-P VAM-131A (II Obv) Die Chip in Hair 
 1878-P VAM-131B (II Obv) Die Scratch Thru RT 
 1878-P VAM-131C1 (II Obv) Die Scratch Thru IB 
 1878-P VAM-131C2 (II Obv) Die Scratch Thru IB, Clashed Obverse n 
 1878-P VAM-131C3 (II Obv) Die Scratch Thru IB, Clashed Obverse n, Die Break O
 1878-P VAM-132 (II Obv) Missing Nostril 
 1878-P VAM-133 (II Obv) Doubled Motto
For VAM-134 See B2d - B2h section
B2b Reverse / Open o in God
 1878-P VAM-140 (II/I Obv) Doubled P, Partly Open O 
 1878-P VAM-140A (II/I Obv) Doubled P & 1-8, Partially Open O, Die Scratches Reverse 
 1878-P VAM-141 (II/I Obv) Tripled Star Open, O in God (Top 100 Morgan Vam)  *Revised 2017*
 1878-P VAM-141A (II/I Obv) Tripled Right Star, Die Gouge Wing Tip (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-142 (II/I Obv) Doubled 878 
 1878-P VAM-142A (II/I Obv) Doubled 8-8, Tripled 7, Die Chips Top Reverse 
 1878-P VAM-143 (II/I Obv) Doubled 8
 1878-P VAM-144 (II/I Obv) Doubled LIBERTY, Date & Left Stars & Ear 
 1878-P VAM-144A (II/I Obv) Doubled LIBERTY, Date, Left Stars & Ear, Clashed Obverse n 
 1878-P VAM-145 (II/I Obv) Broken N and M (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-146 (II Obv) Line in E, R, Y 
B2c Reverse / Broken r in trust
 1878-P VAM-160 (II/I Obv) Shifted P 
 1878-P VAM-161 (II/I Obv) Shifted E
 1878-P VAM-162 (II/I Obv) Broken N and M (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-163 (II/I Obv) Shifted U
 1878-P VAM-163A (II/I Obv) Shifted U *New 2018*
 1878-P VAM-164 (II/I Obv) Broken R 
 1878-P VAM-165 (II/I Obv) Spiked P 
 1878-P VAM-166 (II/I Obv) Spiked P (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-167 (II/I Obv) Spiked P 
 1878-P VAM-168 (II/I Obv) Doubled P 
 1878-P VAM-169 (II/I Obv) Quadrupled Stars (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-170 (II/I Obv) Double Date (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-170A (II/I Obv) Double Date, Die Chips Phrygian Cap (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)
 1878-P VAM-171 (II/I Obv) Tripled "R" (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-185 Broken R
 1878-P VAM-185A (II Obv) Spike Above Eyelid
 1878-P VAM-185C (II Obv) Die Gouge IB, Die Chip Lower Cap, Cud E
 1878-P VAM-187 (II Obv) Doubled R, 878 (Hot 50 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-188 (II Obv) Washed Out "L" (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-P VAM-189 (II Obv) Added Engraved Wing Feather (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam) 
B2c Reverse / Broken r in trust with Broken 4th Star
 1878-P VAM-185B (II Obv) Die Scratch Thru I and R 
 1878-P VAM-186 (II Obv) Broken R
 1878-P VAM-186A (II Obv) Broken R, Spike Above Eyelid
 1878-P VAM-186B (II Obv) Broken R, Very Over Polished Wing 
B2d - B2h Reverses with Doubled Motto, Broken D and Intact r in trust
B2d - Doubled Motto
 1878-P VAM-190 (II Obv) Doubled Motto 
 1878-P VAM-190A (II Obv) Missing Nostril, Doubled Motto, Clashed Obverse n 
B2e - Doubled Legend
 1878-P VAM-195 (II Obv) Broken D 
 1878-P VAM-195A (II Obv) Broken D 
B2f - Missing Feathers
 1878-P VAM-196 (II/I Obv) Doubled 878 
 1878-P VAM-196A (II/I Obv) Doubled 878, Clashed Obverse In & st 
 1878-P VAM-197 (II Obv) Doubled UR-BUS UNU, Missing Feather 
 1878-P VAM-198 (II/I Obv) Doubled Date (Top 100 Morgan Vam)  
B2g - Slightly Doubled STATES AMERICA
 1878-P VAM-134 (II Obv) Doubled UR-BUS UNU, Reverse Legend 

Past Assignments:

 1878-P VAM-114 (Re-classified 10-2011, see 114-1 and 114-2)
 1878-P VAM-131C (Re-classified, see VAM-131C1, VAM-131C2, and VAM-131C3)
 1878-P VAM-144B (Eliminated, Probable Post mint damage)
 1878-P VAM-199 (Eliminated, same as VAM-164)
 1878-P VAM-199.1 (Eliminated, same as VAM-198) 
 1878-P VAM-199.2 (II/I Obv) Doubled P, Missing Feathers (Eliminated, became VAMs VAM-116B and VAM-116C)


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