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1935-P Quick Reference

1935-P Peace VAMs Quick Reference

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  1935-P VAM-1 Normal Die
 1935-P VAM-1A Die Scratches Right Reverse 
 1935-P VAM-1B1 Die Scratch to Right of Middle Olive Leaves 
 1935-P VAM-1B2 Die Scratch Right of Middle Olive Leaves, Die Gouges 
 1935-P VAM-1C Die Scratch Reverse Top Ray 
 1935-P VAM-1D Die File Lines Lower Obverse 
 1935-P VAM-1E Heavy Rusted or Pitted R 
 1935-P VAM-1F Die File Lines Obverse, Scribbles PEACE 
 1935-P VAM-1G Die Scratch Above Mountains
 1935-P VAM-1H Die Scratches Reverse R & ST  *NEW 2014*
 1935-P VAM-1I Die Scratches Reverse Periphery  *NEW 2014*