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1934-D VAM-3 Doubled Obverse, Medium D

Discovered by Gordon Harnack, October 1976.
This coin is a Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM.

3 III 2 - B2b (Doubled Obverse, Medium D) I-4 R-4
Obverse III 2 - Doubled forehead, eyelids, nose, lips, and chin. Motto letters and date digits doubled slightly on right side with WE having large shifts. Rays in tiara from midway between E and E back are doubled on left side with last three having very distinct separation.
Reverse B2b - Medium D mint mark is filled.

Comments: Shared obverse with the much rarer VAM-4. A premium coin in it's own right with the doubled die obverse.
Note the complete separation on the ray doubling. The nostril, lips and chin are also doubled. The inside top of the D in GOD is also strongly doubled.

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

2Wiki 34-D V3.JPG 1934d obv.jpg
4Wiki 34-D V3.JPG 5Wiki 34-D V3.JPG

The Medium D VAM-3 can be easily discerned from the more rare micro D VAM-4 in that the mint mark is filled in the center.
VAM-4 Mint mark is open in the center (and of course smaller than the VAM-3 mint mark).
1934d vam3.jpg
1934d vam3 mintmark.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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