1926-S VAM-3D

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1926-S VAM-3D Medium High S, Die File Lines Obverse #2

Discovered by Brian Raines, February 2007. Revised 2014
3D (revised) II 1 - B2c (Medium High S, Die File Lines Obverse #2) I-3 R-5
Obverse II 1 - Very heavy die file lines on left field in attempt to remove die crack resulting in shallow IN GOD. Die crack higher thru G than 1926-S VAM-3B.
Reverse B2c - Die 1 -- Some heavy die file lines in left and right fields to remove die clash marks (also VAM 3B).
Die 2 - Some faint die file lines at die clash marks. (Also used with VAM-3B)

1. Note - Rev 1 is the later die state of the reverse die of VAM 3B.


LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

DKC 1926S VAM 3D.jpg
Dkc 1926s vam 3l ddo.JPG
Slight doubling of hair
Dkc 1926s vam 3l doll.JPG Dkc 1926s vam 3l neck.JPG
Coin courtesy Larry Briggs

Full Coin Photos

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ANACS 58 discovery coin