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1926-P VAM-2A

1926-P VAM-2A Doubled Olive Branches, Small Rim Breaks IN

Discovery May 2010 - KE Rawlings
This coin is a Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM.
2A II 1 - B2b (Doubled Olive Branches, Small Rim Breaks IN) I-3 R-6
Obverse II 1 - Die 1 - Two breaks from rim into field at IN and a little above IN.
Reverse B2b - Doubled olive branches and leaves on left side, rear feathers of eagle's legs, rays below tail feathers and rays below ONE on left side.

Leroy Van Allen Comments -
1. Has strongly dbld reverse of VAM 2 and matches photos in VAM book & David Close book Top 50 Peace Dollars. Not VAM 6 reverse which has much weaker dblg pictured in 2004 VAM Supplement. Must have been two obverse dies paired with VAM 2 reverse. This coin must have been first one since dbld reverse is so clear. Then when unlisted die breaks occurred on obverse, die had to be changed to die with markers pictured in 2009 VAM Supplement. So revised VAM 2 listing to include 2 obverse dies.


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Discovery Piece is NGC MS 64