1924-P VAM-1AW

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1924-P VAM-1AW Pitted Obverse #7

Discovery September, 2010 by Brian Raines
1AW II 1 - B2av (Pitted Obverse #7) I-2 R-6
Obverse II1-Raised dots and splotches primarily around IN GOD WE, date and TRUST. Clashed die with clash line thru E of WE.

1. LVA comments - Yes, has unlisted pitted obv die. Interesting that clashed obv has clash line thru E of WE that could be the die that caused clashed E on rev of 1D. This coin doesn't have any clash marks on the reverse so dies were changed after clashing. (and that makes it an I2?)


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2 copyrighted© images below on loan to VAMworld courtesy of oldcollectorcoins from a coin of Brian Raines discovery coin