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1924-P VAM-11A

1924-P VAM-11A Double Middle Olive Branch, Die Break Middle of Wing

Discovered by Jack Lee, January 2005.
11A II 1 B2g (Double Middle Olive Branch, Die Break Middle of Wing) I-2 R-6
Reverse B2g- Short die break in middle of eagle's right wing with crack curving back towards rear tail feathers instead of down across wing of VAM 5A.



LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

Has a small die break in the middle of the Eagles wing. Can be confused with the early die state of VAM-5A, however the break is more vertical than 5A. The discovery coin shown is struck thru as well. To the authors knowledge, VAM-11 is unknown without the break.
The discovery piece, and two unconfirmed BU coins reported to exist. Discovered in 2004.

Full Coin Photos

Break comparison. VAM-11A and VAM-5A on right.
damaged AU – discovery coin
AU 58 raw