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1923-P VAMs

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1923-P VAMs

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1923-P Die Breaks
 1923-P VAM-1 Normal Die
 1923-P VAM-1A Whisker Jaw (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM)  
 1923-P VAM-1A1 Whisker Jaw (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM)
 1923-P VAM-1A2 Whisker Jaw, Die Break LI (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-1B Extra Hair Die Break (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
  1923-P VAM-1C Tail on "O" (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-1C1 Tail on O, Die Break Rear Tiara Rays
 1923-P VAM-1C2 Tail on O, Die Break Rear Tiara Rays, Collar Clashes
 1923-P VAM-1D Whisker Cheek (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-1E Broken Wing (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-1F Chin Bar (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-1F2 Chin Bar, Collar Clash Reverse
 1923-P VAM-1F3 Chin Bar, Collar Clash at One
 1923-P VAM-1G Die Gouge in Rays & Below O
 1923-P VAM-1H Vertical die break on right edge of eagle’s right wing 
 1923-P VAM-1I Die Gouge in E of LIBERTY
 1923-P VAM-1J Die Gouge in Rays
 1923-P VAM-1K Die Gouge in E of LIBERTY
 1923-P VAM-1L (Eliminated, Split into VAM-1L1 and VAM-1L2)
 1923-P VAM-1L1 Die Gouge in 5th Left Ray 
 1923-P VAM-1L2 Die Gouge in 5th Left Ray, Die Break L
 1923-P VAM-1M Die Gouge in Rays Well Below E
 1923-P VAM-1N1 Die Gouges Below GOD
 1923-P VAM-1N2 Die Gouges Below GOD, Die Break Y
 1923-P VAM-1'O' Bar Wing (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-1P Die Gouge R in LIBERTY
 1923-P VAM-1Q Die Gouge in Rays Below Tail
 1923-P VAM-1Q2 Die Gouge in Rays Below Tail, Die Break E
 1923-P VAM-1R Die Gouge in Upper Hair
 1923-P VAM-1S (Eliminated, early die state of VAM-1C)
 1923-P VAM-1T1 Die Gouge in Lower Olive Leaves
 1923-P VAM-1T2 Die Gouge in Lower Olive Leaves, Die Chip Eagle's Wing
 1923-P VAM-1U Die Gouge Below O
 1923-P VAM-1V Extra Hair Die Break (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-1W Extra Hair Die Break, vertical break near bun  
 1923-P VAM-1X Bar S Die Gouge
 1923-P VAM-1Y Die Break Hair Rear 
 1923-P VAM-1Z Damaged Die Below TRVST
 1923-P VAM-1AA Die Break Hair Lower Rear #1 (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-1AB Die Break Hair Lower Rear #2
 1923-P VAM-1AB1 Beveled Field Below TRVST
 1923-P VAM-1AB2 Die Break Hair Lower Rear #2 (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-1AC Twin Clash Spikes Eagle’s Shoulder
 1923-P VAM-1AC1 X Die Scratches Below Talons
 1923-P VAM-1AC2 X Die Scratches Below Talons, Twin Clash Spikes Eagle's Shoulder, Whisker Chin 
 1923-P VAM-1AD Rim Cuds at Date
 1923-P VAM-1AE Die Break Hair Rear #2 
 1923-P VAM-1AF Die File Lines Upper Reverse
 1923-P VAM-1AG Diagonal Die Scratch O
 1923-P VAM-1AH Die File Lines Upper Reverse #2, Clashed Obverse N
 1923-P VAM-1AI Die Gouge Above Second T in TRVST
 1923-P VAM-1AI2 Die Gouge Above T, Die Break Y
 1923-P VAM-1AJ Die Gouge Thru Reverse Ray
 1923-P VAM-1AK1 Die Scratches NE  
 1923-P VAM-1AK2 Die Scratchs at ONE, Weak Collar Clash
 1923-P VAM-1AL Die Chip Right of Rays
 1923-P VAM-1AM Die Scratches 1
 1923-P VAM-1AN Die Break Hair Rear #2 (Eliminated, became VAM-1AN2)
 1923-P VAM-1AN1 O Die Defect Below GOD
 1923-P VAM-1AN2 O Die Defect Below GOD, Die Break Hair Rear #3
 1923-P VAM-1AO Die Gouge Right of E in LIBERTY
 1923-P VAM-1AP Die Chip Above Top Right Ray
 1923-P VAM-1AQ Long Spike Eagle’s Shoulder
 1923-P VAM-1AR Die Chip on Hair Strands 
 1923-P VAM-1AS Die Gouge Thru RV
 1923-P VAM-1AT Rusted Reverse Die
 1923-P VAM-1AU Beveled Field Below TRVST (Eliminated, became VAM-1AB1)
 1923-P VAM-1AV Die File Lines Obverse & Reverse
 1923-P VAM-1AW Pitted B & E
 1923-P VAM-1AX Rusted Obverse Die 
 1923-P VAM-1AY Die file Lines Reverse
 1923-P VAM-1AZ Gouges Around IGW (Eliminated, same as VAM-11)
 1923-P VAM-1BA Gouge 9
 1923-P VAM-1BB Pitted Die Rays Below B
 1923-P VAM-1BC Gouge Above Eagle's Neck
 1923-P VAM-1BD X Die Scratches Below Talons (Eliminated, EDS of VAM-1AC)
 1923-P VAM-1BE Impaled Eye, Die Scratch
 1923-P VAM-1BF Die Gouge Thru Right T in TRVST
 1923-P VAM-1BG Beveled Field Below 23
 1923-P VAM-1BH Die Scratch Below E (Eliminated, same as VAM-1N1 & VAM-1N2)
 1923-P VAM-1BH2 Die Scratch Below E, Die Break Y (Eliminated, same as VAM-1N1 & VAM-1N2)
 1923-P VAM-1BI Die Scratch Between TE in UNITED
 1923-P VAM-1BJ Whisker Lip Die Chip
 1923-P VAM-1BK Die Break Hair Rear #4
 1923-P VAM-1BL Die Gouge Below Eagle's Beak
 1923-P VAM-1BM Die Gouge Below OD
 1923-P VAM-1BN O Die Defect below GOD (Eliminated became VAM-1AN1)
 1923-P VAM-1BO Die Gouges above Right T
 1923-P VAM-1BP Die File Lines in Wing
 1923-P VAM-1BQ Die File Lines Eagle Shoulder to America
 1923-P VAM-1BR Striated Die Gouge Above "N" of In
  1923-P VAM-1BS Die Scratch 9
  1923-P VAM-1BT Die Gouge Below "RV"
 1923-P VAM-1BU Collar Clash Reverse K 4-6 
 1923-P VAM-1BV Tooling Circles Obverse
 1923-P VAM-1BW Clashed Obverse N
 1923-P VAM-1BX Collar Clash PEACE
 1923-P VAM-1BY Polished Triangle 19
 1923-P VAM-1BZ Die Break 1, Beveled Field Chin 
 1923-P VAM-1CA Die Break I
 1923-P VAM-1CB Die Gouges Above IN
 1923-P VAM-1CC Die Gouges Left Obverse Rim
 1923-P VAM-1CD Pitted Obverse
 1923-P VAM-1CE Thread-Die Impression Wing
 1923-P VAM-1CF Beveled 3
  1923-P VAM-1CF2 Beveled 3, Collar Clash 5 O'clock
 1923-P VAM-1CG Die Break Eagle's Head
 1923-P VAM-1CH Die Gouges N & G
 1923-P VAM-1CI Die Gouges Ray B-E
 1923-P VAM-1CJ Collar Clash Reverse 
 1923-P VAM-1CK Polished Triangle 19
 1923-P VAM-1CL Collar Clash Reverse
 1923-P VAM-1CM Rusted Reverse Die
 1923-P VAM-1CN Die Gouges 1_ 3
 1923-P VAM-1CO Die Gouges Above IN
 1923-P VAM-1CP Die Gouges GO (Same as 11A)
 1923-P VAM-1CQ Die Break Above R
 1923-P VAM-1CR Die Gouge/Scratch Above AR
 1923-P VAM-1CS Die Gouges GO, Die Breaks S_U
 1923-P VAM-1CT Collar Clash Reverse *New 2017*
 1923-P VAM-1CU Die Breaks A *New 2017*
  1923-P VAM-1CV Radial DBR thru TE of STATES *New 2017*
  1923-P VAM-1CW Die File Lines Reverse *New 2017*
 1923-P VAM-1CX Vertical Die Gouge Downward from VS *New 2017*
 1923-P VAM-1CY Radial Die Break above L of LIBERTY *New 2017*
 1923-P VAM-1CZ Die File Lines Upper Obverse & left Reverse *New 2017*
  1923-P VAM-1DA Die Break Above 3 *New 2017*
 1923-P VAM-1DB Die Gouge Below GO *New 2017*
 1923-P VAM-1DC Collar Clashes 4 & 9 O'clock *New 2017*
 1923-P VAM-1DD Die Break Neck Point  *New 2017*
  1923-P VAM-1DE Die Gouge Chin, Dot Inside D *New 2017*
  1923-P VAM-1DF Faint Collar Clash 5 O'clock *New 2017*
 1923-P VAM-1DG Die File Lines Obverse *New 2017*
 1923-P VAM-2 Doubled Tiara (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-2A Doubled Rays, Die Break Wing (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
 1923-P VAM-3 Doubled Reverse (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM) 
  1923-P VAM-3A Double Lower Reverse, Radial Die Break 92 (Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM)
 1923-P VAM-4 Doubled Middle Reverse
 1923-P VAM-4A Doubled Middle Reverse, Beveled Field Below RVST
 1923-P VAM-5 Doubled Wing & Olive Leaves
 1923-P VAM-5A Doubled Wing & Olive Leaves, Polished Obverse
 1923-P VAM-6 Doubled Middle Reverse
 1923-P VAM-6A Doubled Middle Reverse, Die Break Below A *NEW 2013*
 1923-P VAM-7 Doubled Reverse Rays
  1923-P VAM-7A Doubled Reverse Rays, Gouge Above Right T
 1923-P VAM-8 Doubled RTY and Back of Hair (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)
 1923-P VAM-9 Doubled ONE
 1923-P VAM-10 Doubled Reverse Right Rays
 1923-P VAM-11 Doubled Middle Olive Leaves, Die Gouge Neck
 1923-P VAM-11A Doubled Middle Olive Leaves, Die File Lines Reverse
 1923-P VAM-12 Dot on Jaw
 1923-P VAM-12A Dot on Jaw, Double Clash Spikes Eagle's Shoulder
 1923-P VAM-12B Dot on Jaw, Double Clash Spike #2, Radial Die Break Mountains, Beveled Field 3, Collar Clashes Reverse *Revised 2017*
 1923-P VAM-13 Double Middle Right Reverse
 1923-P VAM-14 Dot on 3
 1923-P VAM-15 Doubled Top Olive Leaves
 1923 P VNA Large Full Coin Photos


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