1923-P VAM-1Y

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1923-P VAM-1Y Die Break Hair Rear

Discovered by Steve Bandovich, March 2004.

The "extra hair" 1923-P VAMs include VAM-1B, VAM- 1BK, VAM-1V, VAM-1W, VAM-1Y, VAM-1AA, VAM-1AB 2, VAM-1AE, VAM-1AN, and VAM-1AR.

1Y II 1 · B2a (Die Break Hair Rear) I-2 R-6
Obverse II 1– Vertical die crack at rear of hair with small die chip at bottom and displaced metal of right side to form break.

Comments: Rarely encountered but small PUP could be partially to blame.

LVA Plate Photos

1923-P VAM-1Y Die Break Hair.jpg1923-P VAM-1Y Die Break Hair Rear.jpg

Additional Photos

Raw AU53+