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1921 P D1 Reverse Past Assignments

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List Of Past Assignments

 1921-P VAM-1A (Revised to VAM-41A)
 1921-P VAM-1B Polished Reverse (became 1B1)
 1921-P VAM-1C Wreath Die Gouge (Incorporated in VAM-48)
 1921-P VAM-1D (Incorporated in VAM-15)
 1921-P VAM-1F (Eliminated, same as VAM-1E)
 1921-P VAM-1I Pitted Reverse OL  
 1921-P VAM-1K Die Break S Top (Eliminated, same as VAM-55A)
 1921-P VAM-1M Heavy Die File Lines Reverse (became 1M3)
 1921-P VAM-1O Die File Lines Reverse (Became VAM-1O1)
 1921-P VAM-1O1 Die File Lines Reverse (Eliminated, became VAM-1B1)
 1921-P VAM-1O2 Die File Lines Reverse, Pitted Reverse NE (Eliminated, became VAM-1B2)
 1921-P VAM-1AD Scribbling Die Scratches (Eliminated, this is the LDS of VAM-76)
 1921-P VAM-1AL (Eliminated)
 1921-P VAM-1AP (Eliminated)
 1921-P VAM-1BC1 Scribbling Die Scratches (Eliminated, became VAM-1M1)
 1921-P VAM-1BC2 Scribbling Die Scratches #136, Clashed Obverse n & st (Eliminated, became VAM-1M2)
 1921-P VAM-2 (Eliminated, became VAMs 25-29)
 1921-P VAM-2A (Revised to VAM-27A)
 1921-P VAM-7 Tripled Reverse (Duplicate of VAM-1N)
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg] 1921-P VAM-20 Doubled Profile, Stars & Hair (Duplicate of VAM-89
 1921-P VAM-30 (Eliminated, early rusted die state of VAM-15)
 1921-P VAM-66A Tripled Obverse, Die Break O (became part of VAM-86)
 1921-P VAM-102 Doubled Left Stars, Tripled E PLUR  
 1921-P VAM-118 Tripled/Doubled 192 and Some Stars *New 2019*