1921D 3A and 3B

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I have a couple of 1921-D's that are ANACS AOH as VAM-3A's that I need some help with. I believe the AU58 coin below is a 3B, not a 3A. The flag next to the right wing is a fuller break, the denticle breaks on the flag die crack, and the break above the A in STATES that's displaced.

If you look at the MS62 coin, the flag break is not nearly as pronounced, there are no denticle breaks on the flag die crack, and there is no break/displacement above the A in STATES as on the other coin.

Please take a look and give me some feedback and thoughts on this. If the AU58 is in fact in error, what's the best way to go to have it corrected?

Appreciate any comments and advice. Thanks in advance.

VW links

1921-D VAM-3A Streamer Wing, Dot Under Wing
1921-D VAM-3B Streamer Wing, Dot Under Wing, Die Breaks Wing Tip & A

File:Http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/pub/Main/AndyWoj00SB03/1921D AW102017 Rev LFCP.jpg 415px |
File:Http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/pub/Main/AndyWoj00SB01/1921D AW120617 Rev LFCP.jpg 415px |