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1921-S VAM-6B

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1921-S VAM-6B Die Gouge BU, Filled Mint Mark

Discovered by Rob Joyce, September 2004.

This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan Vam.

6B IV 3 · D2e (Doubled Stars, Motto & Upper Reverse, Die Scratch BU, Missing S) (189) I-3 R-7
Obverse IV 3– Diagonal die scratch thru BU in PLURIBUS of VAM 6A. (Formerly VAM 1A)
Reverse D2e– Weakly struck lower reverse with S mint mark missing. (PCGS MS # 412698) 21-S Filled Mint Marks FDMM 4

1- The 21-S VAM-6B has a deep die gouge between BU of PLURIBUS just as 1921-S VAM-6A. VAM-6B also has a filled mint mark #4.
If it were not for the very unique die gouge tying it to VAM-6A, this coin would have been thought to be a Philadelphia creation!
2- The gouge is the best pickup point but in addition to the gouge, there is some die doubling. E PLUR is doubled towards the center of the coin and E-PL is also doubled at bottom inside towards rim. The left and right stars are doubled towards rim as well and some doubling is present in the date.

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos


Notice the D of DOLLAR shows weakness from the filled die that eliminated the mint mark.

Bought from Brian pcgs ms 62 vam 6B pcgs attributed Larry Eakins 2010