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1921-S VAM-22B

1921-S VAM-22B

Discovery 2014 - bj-silverfox
Revised 2016
22B IV1 - D1a (Doubled Date, Right Stars, Tripled AMERICA, Die File Lines Right Reverse, Die Breaks D & AR) I-2 R-5
Reverse D1a - Radial die crack from rim through D in UNITED with displaced field break at D and below to wreath top. Slanted die crack from rim up through AR in DOLLAR with displaced field break. 2016- Same die as 9B but earlier die state.
LVA Comments:
1- VAM-22B Discovery coin - polishing lines in UTF similar to VAM-1BQ on page 230 in 1921 scribbles guide book, but slightly different angles & does not have the 1BQ scribbles. Same reverse as VAM-9B WITH SAME POLISHING LINES IN utf. Your coin looks like earlier die state with less die file lines. Later die file lines must have mostly removed breaks at D and AR.
Reverse Progression - EDS VAM-22B, LDS VAM-9B

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