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1921-S VAM-1R

1921-S VAM-1R Die Breaks Top Left Wreath

Discovered by Michael Ash, December 2005. Revised 2006.
1R(revised) IV 1 · D2a (Die Breaks Top Left Wreath) (189) I-2 R-6
Obverse IV 1– Some shallow denticles on LDS.
Reverse D2a– Die crack from bottom of D in UNITED down thru top three leaf clusters in left wreath. Die breaks at left outside of top leaf cluster and in middle of second from top leaf cluster. Tiny die break at top right of M in AMERICA on late die state.
1- Under review, VAM's 1921-S VAM-1R, 1921-S VAM-13A,

it appears that the progression goes 1R,13A, Posed by Unicornincognito but the rev dies are not listed as the same. to wit: d2a & d2h.


LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

the below crack is very similar to VAM-15E, please check your Upper Tail Feathers
these Gouges by E D are very similar to VAM-18A
Mintmark Placement
Eagles Right Leg
Eagle’s Left Leg
Wreath Break