1921-S VAM-1P

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1921-S VAM-1P Die Chip Right Wreath, Pitted Eagle

Discovered by Mark Kleiman, October 2005.

1P IV 1 D2a (Die Chip Right Wreath, Pitted Eagle) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse D2a - Small die chip at top of right wreath and tiny die chip below eagle's lower beak. Very fine die pit indentations all over eagle and wreaths.



LVA Plate Photos

File:Http://www.vamworld.com/space/showimage/1921-S VAM-1P Chip Wreath.jpgFile:Http://www.vamworld.com/space/showimage/1921-S VAM-1P Pits on Eagle.jpg
1921 S VAM 1P Die Chip 2.jpg

Additional Photos