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1921-S VAM-1BV

1921-S VAM-1BV Over Polished Upper Tail Feathers

Discovered by Ben Wengel, March 2009
1BV IV1 - D2a (Over Polished Upper Tail Feathers) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 1 - Some left and right stars slightly doubled towards rim.
Reverse D2a - Slightly doubled AMERICA towards rim. Die over polished with some vertical polishing lines in fields. Upper tail feathers very over polished with only two center ones showing, top of middle tail feather missing and disconnected berries on first left berry cluster.
LVA Comments:
1- Leroy hails this variety, saying "Amazing how upper TF have been polished away leaving just two. Most severe case of over polished upper TF I've seen!"
1- Also the LFCP below shows minor feed finger gouges in upper right quadrant between F - wing - A

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Large Full Coin Photo and Attribution by Mhomei