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1921-S VAM-1BG

1921-S VAM-1BG Scribbling Die Scratches #16

Discovered October 2007
(Eliminated April 2011, became 1921-S VAM-1Q1)
Scribbling scratches varieties are numerous and difficult to photograph. Many existing varieties include scribbling scratches features on the tailfeathers in addition to their primary features (pick up points). When possible, we will attempt to show non-scribbling scratches die features to help with attribution. Most likely some of the new scribbling scratches varieties will be ultimately eliminated as early die states of known VAMs for which the die breaks, etc. have not yet formed.
NOTE: Although not yet official (Jan 2011), it has been determined that VAM-1BG is the EDS of VAM-1Q (imaged below).
At least one example of this VAM shows die scratches in the date: