1921-S VAM-15C

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1921-S VAM-15C

Revised 2014

15C (revised) IV 1•D2i (Die Break Lower Loop of Right S in STATES, Die File Lines Reverse) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 1- Light die file lines at Liberty head neck and date. (Formerly VAM 1M3 _ 1AQ)
Reverse D2i- Heavy die file lines in fields to remove die clash marks. Over-polished center of eagle’s left wing with scribbles polished away.
Die Marker- Long vertical die scratch on upper tail feather between legs. (Formerly VAM-1M3 _ 1AQ)

1- This is a Bean Bottom S variety. Make sure to check all of the die stages of the 1921-S VAM-15 to be sure you have a correct attribution:1921-S VAM-15A, 1921-S VAM-15B, 1921-S VAM-15C, 1921-S VAM-15D, 1921-S VAM-15E.
2- If your presumed 1921-S VAM-15C has clash marks, you may actually have the 1921-S VAM-15D or the 1921-S VAM-15E. Be sure to check.
The VAM-15C was born when some mint workers went to town on the reverse die with some fantastic die polishing:

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

1921-S VAM-1AH polishing1.jpg
1921-S VAM-1M3 reverse polishing 4.jpg
1921-S VAM-1AH polishing2.jpg
1921-S VAM-1AH polishing3.jpg
1921-S VAM-1M3 reverse polishing 1.jpg

"Long vertical die scratch on upper tail feathers between legs":
1921-S VAM-1M3 reverse polishing 6.jpg

The bean bottom S survived the polishing onslaught:
1921-S VAM-1M3 bean bottom s.jpg