1921-S VAM-13A

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1921-S VAM-13A Doubled AMERICA, Die Breaks Wreath, Die File Lines

Discovered by Phil Perdue, May 2006.
13A IV 1 · D2h (Doubled AMERICA, Die Breaks Wreath, Die File Lines) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse D2h– Small die break on left side of top leaf cluster in middle of next to top leaf cluster of left wreath. Heavy die file lines in left field and around AMERICA in attempt to remove die cracks.
1- Under review, VAM's 1921-S VAM-1R, 1921-S VAM-13A,
it appears that the progression goes 1R,13A, Posed by Unicornincognito but the rev dies are not listed as the same. to wit: d2a & d2h.

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