1921-P VAM-91

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1921-P VAM-91

Discovery 2014
Revised 2016

91(revised) IV 71 - D2t (Tripled Stars _ Date, Tripled Reverse Ledgend) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 71 - All left and right stars, date digits and E PL tripled towards rim with right stars and some left stars fairly strong doubling.
Die marker - Strong vertical polishing line on right side of lowest cotton leaf and strong polishing lines at cotton bolls.
Reverse D2t - Slightly tripled/quadrupled D STATES OF and doubled AMERI towards rim.
Die marker - Single vertical polishing line right side of top berry cluster in left wreath. No scribbles at eagle's right leg.

1- LVA also documented a die line at the junction of the 2 lower cotton leaves
2- 2016 VAM-92 eliminated, same as 91.


LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

Jb 21v91-1.jpg
Jb 21v91-2.jpg
Jb 21v91-3.jpg

This photo is a match for the marker LVA plated
Jb 21v91-4.jpg

This photo is a match for the marker LVA plated
Jb 21v91-5.jpg



The right wing has a nice patch of vertical polishing lines:

The first 1 in the date, in particular, looks doubled or tripled:

The bow and ribbon have some good polishing lines/gouges, and I don’t know what is going one with the O in DOLLAR:

Here are two photos of a heavy line in the upper left wreath, one taken with the light source on the left and one with it on the right. Big difference, huh?