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SEGS MS-66 (discovery coin)<br />
SEGS MS-66 (discovery coin)<br />
The following 6 photos courtesy of DHalladay.
The following 6 photos from a VSS-attributed coin courtesy of DHalladay.
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1921-P VAM-64 Doubled Profile & Left Stars, Doubled & Tripled Reverse Legend

Discovered by Marc Serafine, March 2006.
64 IV 48 · D2p (Doubled Profile & Left Stars, Doubled & Tripled Reverse Legend) (189) I-2 R-4
Obverse IV 48– Doubled hair front, forehead, nose and lips. Tripled first right star with very slight doubling on some 2-6 right stars. Tripled 1 & 2 left stars and doubled 3-7 left stars and bottom inside of E PLURI letters towards rim. Slightly tripled upper parts of date towards rim.
Reverse D2p– Slight tripling of bottom inside of D, OF & AMERICA and slight doubling of STATES A towards rim.
1- A recent discovery by Marc Serafine (CoinVendor) of two previously unknown dies, attributed on 16 March 2006 by Leroy Van Allen. His comments are as follows: “Nicely doubled profile & most left stars. Slightly tripled first right star & 1 and 2 left stars. Minor doubling on E PLURI and tripled stars and parts of date. Some tripling and doubling of reverse legend but very faint and difficult to photograph.
2- Not VAM 22 which has all right and left stars quadrupled to sextupled."

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

1921p vam64 a.jpg
At 30x magnification when the Discovery coin was being photographed for sale on eBay, it was noted that some of the reverse letters are actually quadrupled, showing best at the tops of the pedestals of the letters. The Discovery piece is SEGS certified and graded Mint State 66. It is a fully struck (including the lower wreath leaves and eagle's talon detail) and well handled coin with full cartwheel luster. The marks are commensurate with the grade.
Discovery Coin Photo
1921p vam64 b.jpg
1921p vam64 c.jpg
1921p vam64 d.jpg
1921p vam64 e.jpg
SEGS MS-66 (discovery coin)

The following 6 photos from a VSS-attributed coin courtesy of DHalladay.