1921-P VAM-45

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1921-P VAM-45

Discovered by Bill Van Note, September 2004. Revised 2009, 2016.
45 (revised) IV 35 D2a (Doubled Profile, Tripled Stars, Scribbling Die Scratches) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 35 – Slightly doubled/ tripled profile ifrom front of LIBERTY band down to chin. Very slightly tripled left and right stars. Slightly doubled Phrygian cap top and BUS of PLURIBUS towards rim. Die marker - Polishing lines in RT of LIBERTY.
Same obverse and reverse dies as VAM-44 Infrequently reeded.
Reverse D2a – Fine die scratches in various directions on over polished tail feathers around eagle's right leg and between eagle's left wing and body.
Die marker – Horizontal polishing line on third outside feather from bottom of eagle's right wing. Same Reverse die as VAM-44 Infrequently reeded.
Edge-- Has 189 reeds instead of I.R. 157 of VAM 44.
1- Same obverse and reverse dies as VAM-44 Infrequently Reeded.
2- Note: Occurs with rotated reverse of 45 degrees CCW.
1- [[1]]

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