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1921-P VAM-3FT

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Formerly listed as 1921-P VAM-3FF, a VAM designation that was accidentally assigned to two different varieties. In March 2012, LVA reassigned this one as the VAM-3FT
3FT IV1 - D2a (Scribbling Die Scratches #119) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV1 - Some left and right stars slightly doubled.
Reverse D2a - Fine die scratches in various directions on over polished tail feathers around eagle’s right leg, and between eagle’s left wing and body. Die marker- Short horizontal die scratch on sixth feather from bottom of eagle's right wing.

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

Similar cracks but all three are different
1921-P VAM-3AJ
1921-P VAM-3EO
1921-P VAM-3FT

The E-to-D crack shown below appears to be present only on late die state examples.


This coin has a crack through the point of Liberty's neck and between the lowest two left stars (and notice the faint remnants of a very old sideways-left crack from the bottom of 19 to the rim. There's a similar old, faint crack from 21 that goes sideways-right to the rim):

There's also a good crack through the M in UNUM:
Later die state examples may have a reverse clash below In:

The scribbles are basically long gone, but I think I see a couple of bolder ones in a V shape near the bottom-left of the right scribbles area: