1921-P VAM-3AH

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1921-P VAM-3AH Die Scratch Reverse Left Star (Delisted 2018)

Discovered by Gene Gress, March 2005
3AH IV 1 · D2a (Die Scratch Left Reverse Star) (189) I-2 R-5
Reverse D2a– Fine horizontal die scratch from top of left star over to wreath leaf.
1. March 2010 update: This variety appears to be the same as VAM-3A and will likely be eliminated.
2. This variety does not have the gouge coming from the tailfeathers. How can it be eliminated

1. LVA Delisting Letter

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Additional Photos

1921 p vam3ah 3.jpg
This variety has a die scratch running from the top of the left reverse star running to the wreath leaf.
1921 p vam3ah 4.jpg
The VAM-3AH has a significant amount of die polishing. It is evident in the armpits, tailfeathers, wreath, motto, and many other locations.
1921 p vam3ah 7.jpg
Coin courtesy of Gene Gress
21p obv 3ah.gif21p rev 3ah.gif