1921-P VAM-39B

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1921-P VAM-39B Dot on Wing, Die Break LIBERTY Band

Discovery 2010 by Jason Henrichsen

39B IV1 - D2g (Dot on Wing, Die Break LIBERTY Band ) (189) I-2 R-6
Obverse D2g - Vertical die crack at hair front up thru wheat kernel to I with displaced field break in front of LIBERTY band. Earlier die state than VAM-39A.

1- 4/2010 - http://www.vamworld.com/1921-P+VAM-3CJ got eliminated by the 39B which is an EDS of 39A
2- Thus, the "Die Break LIBERTY Band" noted for the 1921-P VAM-39B occurred before the die break over the reverse star found on the 1921-P VAM-39A. We know this because you can find examples of the LIBERTY break without the break on the star, but all specimens with the star break show the LIBERTY break as well.

LVA Plate Photos


Duplicate listing VAM-3HE
1921-P-3HE LVA-1.jpg 1921-P-3HE LVA-2.jpg
1921-P-3HE LVA-4.jpg 1921-P-3HE LVA-5.jpg
1921-P-3HE LVA-3.jpg

Additional Photos

1921-P VAM-29B ldl haircrack2.jpg

Scribbling scratches tailfeathers:
1921-P VAM-3CJ scrib scratches.jpg

File:Http://www.vamworld.com/space/showimage/1921-P VAM-3CJ scrib scratches2.jpg
1921-P VAM-29B ldl rleg2.jpg

1921-P VAM-29B ldl bow2.jpg

1921-P VAM-29B ldl icrack1.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin VAM-39B Images© on loan to VAMworld ® by Algot Stephenson ATTRIBUTION by VAMworld

ARS 1921 P V-39B 01.jpg

ARS 1921 P V-39B 02.jpg