1921-P VAM-19A

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1921-P VAM-19A Quadrupled Left Stars, Retained Cud AMERICA

Discovered by Rob Joyce, November 2002. Revised March 2012.
19A(revised) IV 13 · D1a (Quadrupled Left Stars, Retained Cud AMERICA) (189) I-3 R-7
Obverse IV 13 - Fine short trailing die wear lines from the denticles at the left stars and E-P.
Reverse D1a– Die crack thru tops of AMERICA letters with die crack continuing to left up to denticles above left side of M and at right thru tops of ERI up to rim to form retained cud. Slightly earlier die state only has small die break to top middle of M.
1- The full cud shown is now VAM-19B
2- See VAM-88A for very similar Die Trail Lines

LVA Plate Photos

1921P VAM19A REV Trailing Die Wear Lines LVA Plate Photo.jpg

Additional Photos

IMG 5058.jpg
Early die state only has small die break to top middle of M. (Lower photos courtesy of Felix Gonzales)
1921-P 023.JPG1921-P 018.JPG
1921-P 024.JPG
Here is the next stage in this coin. A second break runs into the denticle next to the first break and has an up-lift with displaced fields.
Iw09-21p-v19a-3-9-15.jpg Iw09-21p-v19a-3-9-15x.jpg
Iw09-21p-v19a-3-9-15xx.jpg Iw09-21p-v19a-3-9-15xxx.jpg
Iw09-21p-v19a-3-9-15xxxx.jpg Iw09-21p-v19a-3-9-15xxxxx.jpg

Coin diagram shown below is a VAM 19B with full retained rim cud: 21p vam19a obv.gif21p vam19a rev.gif21p vam19a rev ret cud.gif
2 copyrighted© images below on loan to VAMworld courtesy of oldcollectorcoins