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1<br />
1<br />
[[image:21obv-p.jpg |400px]] [[image:21rev-p.jpg |400px]]<br />
[[image:21obv-p.jpg |400px]] [[image:21rev-p.jpg |400px]]<br />
2<br />
2<br />
[[image:21-c-ep-obvP.jpg |400px]] [[image:21-c-ep-revP.jpg |400px]]<br />
[[image:21-c-ep-obvP.jpg |400px]] [[image:21-c-ep-revP.jpg |400px]]<br />
3<br />
3<br />
[[image:21-2star-obv-P.jpg |400px]] [[image:21-2star-rev.jpg |400px]]<br />
[[image:21-2star-obv-P.jpg |400px]] [[image:21-2star-rev.jpg |400px]]<br />
4<br />
4<br />
[[image:21-64-unk-obv-P.jpg |400px]] [[image:21-64-unk-rev-P.jpg |400px]]<br />
[[image:21-64-unk-obv-P.jpg |400px]] [[image:21-64-unk-rev-P.jpg |400px]]<br />
5<br />
5<br />
[[image:u3-obv-p.jpg |400px |link=file:u3-obv-p.jpg]] [[image:u3-rev-p.jpg |400px |link=file:u3-rev-p.jpg]]<br />
[[image:u3-obv-p.jpg |400px |link=file:u3-obv-p.jpg]] [[image:u3-rev-p.jpg |400px |link=file:u3-rev-p.jpg]]<br />
6<br />
6<br />

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A Guide to 1921 Philadelphia Die Breaks, Cracks, and Gouges
D2 Reverses

1921-P VAM-3A2 Spiked Tail Feather, Die Gouges State 2

2018-04-03 12.30.08-3A2-P.jpg2018-04-03 12.30.41-3A2-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3A4 Spiked Tail Feather, Die Gouges State 3, Die Break Stars

1921 RonH Thur Nico Marcus VAM-3A3 OBV 01152013p.jpg 1921 RonH Thur Nico Marcus VAM-3A3 REV 01152013p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3B2 Pitting through D in DOLLAR (HOT 50)

21p obv-vam3b2.gif21p rev-vam3b2.gif

1921-P VAM-3C2 Pitted Reverse LL & UN, Doubled Lower Right Reverse, Die Break LUR & Wing Tip

1921 RonH VAM-3C2 OBV 08072012-pt - Copy.jpg 1921 RonH VAM-3C2 REV 08072012-pt - Copy.jpg

1921-P VAM-3E2 Scribbling Die Scratches #39, Pitting Reverse Feathers and Letters (Hot 50 Morgan VAM) - later die state

21-3e-obv-p.jpg 21-3e-rev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3F1 Die Gouge Wing (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)

1921-P VAM-3F2 Die Gouge Wing, Denticle Impressions ME (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)

1921-P VAM-3F3 Die Gouge Wing, Pitted Reverse, Denticle Impressions ME (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)

Obverse Die 1
SD1921 3F2Obv-P.JPG SD1921 3F2Rev-P.JPG

1921-P VAM-3F4 Die Gouge Wing, Pitted Reverse, Die Break Above R (WOW! Morgan VAM)

Obverse Die 2
1921pvam3fmhiobv6652-P.jpg 1921pvam3fmhirev6652p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3H2 Die Gouge Olive Leaves, Scribbling Die Scratches, Die Break AM

1921 RonH VAM-3H2 OBV 07262012TTp.jpg 1921 RonH VAM-3H2 REV 07262012TTp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3I "Meteor Shower" Die gouges under 19 of date and next to star


1921-P VAM-3K2 Die Break Third Left Star

DHvam3Kobv-p.jpg DHvam3Krev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3N Pitting through U in UNITED


1921-P VAM-3O3 (3-oh-3) Die Polish and Goldfish Clash in front of eye (WOW! Morgan VAM)

303obv-P.jpg 303reverse-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3P Die Gouge Die Gouge Inner Edge of Wing Top

Obverse 1......................................................................................
Ljs-21v3p-9956-obv1 crack guide.jpg
Obverse 2
Ljs-21v3p-19132-obv2 crack guide.jpg Ebay-ars-1921-rev02-P.jpg
Obverse 2
3p-obv2-P.jpg 3p-obv2-rev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3Q2 Die Gouge ER, Die Breaks M & R, Scribbling Die Scratches #11

Weth21v3q2-obvP.jpg Weth21v3q2-revP.jpg

1921-P VAM-3R2 Die Break Ribbon, Die Break R Top, Scribbling Die Scratches #21 (See also VAM-3R3)

Iw09-21p-v3r2-3-9-15pt.jpg Iw09-21p-v3r2-3-9-15xpt.jpg

1921-P VAM-3T Die Breaks 1 & Wing Tip, Scribbling Die Scratches #59

1921-P-V3T-DENNIS-OBVp.jpg 1921-P-V3T-DENNIS-REVp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3V1 Die Break ST in STATES

1921-P VAM-3V2 Die Break STA in STATES

1921 RonH VAM-3V OBV 03072013TTP.jpg 1921 RonH VAM-3V REV 03072013TTP.jpg

1921-P VAM-3X Die Break 6th Right Star

21p obv-vam3x.gif21p rev-vam3x.gif

1921-P VAM-3Y Die Break Wing Tip & ES

21-3Y-obv-p.jpg 21-3Y-rev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3AD2 Die Gouge Thru F, Die Break A, Scribbling Die Scratches #114

21pv3ad2-obvP.jpg 21pv3ad2-revP.jpg

1921-P VAM-3AH Die Scratch Reverse Left Star

21p obv 3ah.gif21p rev 3ah.gif

1921-P VAM-3AJ Die Break 2nd Left Star #2

21-ed-obv-P.jpg 21-ed-rev-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3AL Die Scratches Below LAR

1921-P-VAM3ALobv-DENNIS-1040-p.jpg 1921-P-VAM3ALrev-DENNIS-1040-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3AM3 Scribbling Die Scratches #28, Die File Lines Forehead & Neck, Break Forehead

21-obvbek-obv-P.jpg 21-obvbek-rev.jpg
NESVT20120916 1921P 3AM 01p.JPG NESVT20120916 1921P 3AM 02.JPG

1921-P VAM-3AN2 Die Break Wing Tip, Die Scratch E

1921-P VAM-3AN3 Clashed Obverse n & st, Die Break Wing Tip, Die Scratch E

21p obv-vam3an1.gif21p rev-vam3an1.gif
21v3an2-obv-p.jpg 21v3an2-rev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3AO2 Pitted Die third right star, Scribbling Die Scratches #55, Die Break AME

Coindevil-2016-1AOp.JPG Coindevil-2252016-1ARp.JPG

1921-P VAM-3AT Die Break ES

NM 1921-P VAM-3AT OBV TTp.jpg NM 1921-P VAM-3AT REV TTp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3AW3 Clashed Obverse n & st, Die Break I


1921-P VAM-3AX Die Break Inside S

1921-P VAM-3BA2 Die Breaks Eagle’s Right Wing Tip & D


1921-P VAM-3BG Scribbling Die Scratches #8

1921-P-V3BG-lee-heritage-obvp.jpg 1921-P-V3BG-lee-heritage-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3BL Scribbling Die Scratches #13

21-v3BL-obvP.jpg 21-v3BL-revP.jpg

1921-P VAM-3BM Scribbling Die Scratches #14

Upload 2018-3-18 16-50-25-obv-P.jpg Upload 2018-3-18 16-51-6-rev.jpg

1921-P VAM-3BN Scribbling Die Scratches #15

1921-P-V3BN-OBV-DENNIS-P.jpg 1921-P-V3BN-REV-DENNIS-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3BO2 Scribbling Die Scratches #16, Die Break 9 Bottom

Weth 21v3bo2-obvp.jpg Weth 21v3bo2-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3BQ Scribbling Die Scratches #18

EDS of 1921-P VAM-81
1921 DougC VAM-81 OBV 06252012TT-P.jpg 1921 DougC VAM-81 REV 06252012TT-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3BS Scribbling Die Scratches #20

1921-P-3BS-HER-MHIOBV55-crop.jpg 1921-P-3BS-HER-MHIREV55-cropP.jpg

1921-P VAM-3BV Scribbling Die Scratches #23 (PROOF and business strikes known!)


1921-P VAM-3BW Scribbling Die Scratches #24

ARS 1921 P V-3BW 01-P.jpgARS 1921 P V-3BW 02.jpg

1921-P VAM-3BX Scribbling Die Scratches #25

1921-P-V3BX-DENNIS-OBV-p.jpg 1921-P-V3BX-DENNIS-REV-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3BY Scribbling Die Scratches #26

ARS1921P-3by-obv-paint.jpg ARS1921p-3by-rev-paint.jpg

1921-P VAM-3CA2 Die Break Cap to U

DHvam3CAobv-p.jpg DHvam3CArev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3CB Die Break E-D, Scribbling Die Scratches #29

ARS 1921 P V-3CB 01b.jpg ARS 1921 P V-3CB 02b.jpg

1921-P VAM-3CE Scribbling Die Scratches #33

ARS 1921 P V3CE 01p.jpg ARS 1921 P V3CE 02p.jpg
later die state
Ing-obv-p.jpg Ing-rev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3CG Scribbling Die Scratches #35

21-3cg-obv-P.jpg 21-2ep-rev-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3CL Scribbling Die Scratches #40

ARS 1921 P V-3CL 01.jpgARS 1921 P V-3CL 02-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3CM Scribbling Die Scratches #41

ARE 1921 P V-3CM 01-p.jpg ARS 1921 P V-3CM 02.jpg

1921-P VAM-3CS2 Retained Rim Cud Break @ I B U


1921-P VAM-3CW3 Scribbles Cheek, Leg, & Wing, Denticle Impressions Wing, Die Break UR

DHvam3CW3obv-p.jpg DHvam3CW3rev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DA Scribbling Die Scratches #62

21-a-OBV-P.jpg 21-a-REV-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DC2 Scribbling Die Scratches #64, Die Break BU

1921-P VAM-3DC3 Scribbling Die Scratches #64, Die Break BU, Die Break Tip Eagle’s Left Wing

21pv3dc1-obvp.jpg 21pv3dc1-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DI Scribbling Die Scratches #70

ARS 1921 P V-3Di 01-p.jpg ARS 1921 P V-3Di 02-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DJ Scribbling Die Scratches #71, Vertical gouge upper and lower TF

1921-P VAM-3DJ2 Vertical gouge upper and lower TF, Die Break U, Scribbling Die Scratches #71

1921-P VAM-3DJ3 Vertical gouge upper and lower TF, Die Break U, Die Break UR, Scribbling Die Scratches #71

1921-P VAM-3DO Scribbling Die Scratches #76

30692981obv-paint.jpg 30692981rev-paint.jpg
21-3do-obv-P.jpg 21-3do-rev-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DQ Scribbling Die Scratches #78

1921-P VAM-3DQ Obverse Die Cracks.jpg 1921-P VAM-3DQ Die Cracks Reverse.jpg

1921-P-V3DQ-GAPA-OBV.jpg 1921-P-V3DQ-GAPA-REV-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DR Scribbling Die Scratches #79

ARS 1921 P Problem Child 011.jpgARS 1921 P Problem Child 021.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DT Scribbling Die Scratches #81

1921-P-V3DT-DENNIS-OBVp.jpg 1921-P-V3DT-DENNIS-REVp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DU Scribbling Die Scratches #82

Weth 21P v3du-obv.jpg Weth 21P v3du-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DV Scribbling Die Scratches #83

84011530LFCPob-P.jpg 84011530LFCPre-P.jpg
21-B-OBV.jpg 21-B-REV-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3DZ Scribbling Die Scratches #87

VAM3DZlfcpOB.jpg VAM3DZlfcpOBrep.jpg

1921-P VAM-3EA Scribbling Die Scratches #88, Gouge through Olive

1921-P-V3EA-DENNIS-OBVp.jpg 1921-P-V3EA-DENNIS-REVp.jpg
Chin-obv-p.jpg Chin-rev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3EB1 Scribbling Die Scratches #89

1921-P VAM-3EB2 Scribbling Die Scratches #89, Die File Lines Right Reverse Fields

121obv-3eb2-P.jpg 21rev-3eb2-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3ED2 Scribbling Die Scratches #143, Die Break BU

Pjm1921displacedop.jpg Pjm1921displacedrp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3EM Scribbling Die Scratches #100

Weth 21v3em-obvP.jpg Weth 21v3em-revP.jpg

1921-P VAM-3EO Scribbling Die Scratches #102

82170164LFCPobp.jpg 82170164LFCPrevp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3EU Scribbling Die Scratches High Up Into Eagle Chest, Scribbling Scratches #108

KRJ 1921P Vunk DBLprofile ObvCrack400 071017.jpgKRJ 1921P Vunk DBLprofile RevCrack400 071017.jpg

1921-P VAM-3FA2 Scribbling Die Scratches #114, Die Break Cap Back


1921-P VAM-3FC Scribbling Die Scratches


1921-P VAM-3FE2 Scribbling Die Scratches #, Die Break Wing Tip

DKC1921M VAM 3FE2 obv-P.jpg DKC1921M VAM 3FE2 rev-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3FI Scribbling Die Scratches #122

21-P-V3FI-MHI-OBV-1040P.jpg 21-P-V3FI-MHI-REV-1040P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3FY Die Gouge U

Weth21v3fy-obvp.jpg Weth21v3fy-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-3GA Die Gouge D

DHrawVAM3GAobv-p.jpg DHrawVAM3GArev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-3GH Over Polished Eagle

DHlfcpVAM3GHobv.jpg DHlfcpVAM3GHrev-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-3GK2 Scribbling Die Scratches#141, Die File Lines Wreath Tops

ARS 1921 P V-3GK2 01.jpg ARS 1921 P V-3GK2 021.jpg

1921-P VAM-3HI Die Break E


1921-P VAM-5A Quadrupled Left Stars, Doubled Profile Die, Scribbling Scratches Cheek, Gouge Wreath (prior Vam-36A)

82258783LFCPobvP.jpg 82258783LFCPrevP.jpg
JAIMG 0386-P.jpgJAIMG 0387-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-8B Dot Wing, Scribbles, Die Break UM, Beveled Denticles

1921p-obv8B-ljs-030717-r.jpg 1921p-rev8B-ljs-030717-r.jpg

1921-P VAM-9B Dot Below Wing, Doubled Left Stars, Scribbling Die Scratches, Die Break O

1921 RonH Thur Nico Marcus VAM-9 OBV 01152013p.jpg 1921 RonH Thur Nico Marcus VAM-9 REV 01152013p.jpg

1921-P VAM-10 Doubled Date and Stars, Scribbling Die Scratches

DH-V10obvP.jpg DH-V10revP.jpg

1921-P VAM-14A Tripled Stars, Dot by Wing, Die Gouge L

1921p vam36a obv.gif1921p vam36a rev.gif
2018-04-04 19.10.44-p63o-P.jpg2018-04-04 19.15.53-p63r-P.jpg
1921-P-V14A-POLISHED-OBVp.jpg 1921-P-V14A-POLISHED-REVp.jpg

1921-P VAM-16A Doubled Date on Left, Scribbling Die Scratches, Die Gouge on Olive Branch

1921-P VAM-16B Doubled Date on Left, Scribbling Die Scratches, Die Gouge on Olive Branch, Die Break E


1921-P VAM-24A2 Tripled E PLURIBUS,Die Break U & N, Pitted Star, G & ONE

1921-P VAM-24A3 Die Break U & E & NE, Pitted Obverse Star

1921p vam24a obv.gif1921p vam24a rev.gif

1921-P VAM-24B2 Tripled E PLURIBUS, Clashed Obverse I & t, Die Break O, Scribbling Die Scratches

21pv24b-obvp.jpg 21pv24b-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-31A1 Doubled Left Obverse, Denticle Impressions Above Arrowheads (Kimpton 12 VAM)

1921-P VAM-31A2 Doubled Left Obverse, Denticle Impressions Above Arrowheads (Kimpton 12 VAM)


1921-P VAM-32A "Capped A" Die Break

1921p vam32a obv.gif1921p vam32a rev.gif

Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-35 Doubled Left Stars & Date, Scribbling Die Scratches Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg

ARS 1921 P V-3CU1 01.jpg ARS 1921 P V-3CU1 02-p.jpg

Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-35A Doubled Left Stars & Date, Scribbling Die Scratches, Die Gouge L

Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-35B Doubled Left Stars & Date, Scribbling Die Scratches #56,Clashed Obverse I & t

21v3cu2-obv-p.jpg 21v3cu2-rev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-39A Dot on Wing, Die Break Reverse Right Star Top

Ljs-1921p-ob-030614-p.jpg Ljs-1921p-re-030614-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-39B Dot on Wing, Die Break LIBERTY Band

ARS 1921 P V-39B 01p.jpg ARS 1921 P V-39B 02p.jpg

1921-P VAM-42 Doubled Reverse, Die Chip Top Right F

1921-P VAM-46 Doubled Obverse & Reverse Letters

1921-P-V46-DHALLADAY-obvp.jpg 1921-P-V46-DHALLADAY-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-49 Doubled AMERICA

1921-P VAM-49A Doubled AMERICA

Coindevil-2016-1AO-P.JPG Coindevil-2252016-1AR-P.JPG

1921-P VAM-51A Banner A" Die Break AM AMERICA

21p obv 3ag.gif21p rev 3ag.gif

1921-P VAM-52 Doubled Obverse Motto Right Side

ARS 1921 P V-52 01-P.jpgARS 1921 P V-52 02-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-53 Obverse Denticle Impressions (Kimpton 12)

21p obv-vam53.gif21p rev-vam53.gif
26555985obverseP.jpg 26555985reverseP.jpg

1921-P VAM-57A Doubled Right Stars, Die Break R

21-57A-obv.jpg 21-57A-revP.jpg

1921-P VAM-58 Dot Above TE, Clashed Obverse I

21-P-V58A-MHI-OBV-1040p.jpg 21-P-V58A-MHI-REV-1040p.jpg

1921-P VAM-61 Doubled Date, Right Stars & PLURIBUS U

1921-P VAM-61A Doubled Date, Right Stars & PLURIBUS U, Clashed Obverse n

21-uk1-obvP.jpg 21-uk1-revP.jpg

1921-P VAM-68A Dot Right of Second Right Star, Scribbling Die Scratches, # 75, Beveled Field OF

DHvam68Aobv-p.jpg DHvam68Arev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-71 Doubled Profile & Top Phrygian Cap

21-sof-obv-P.jpg 21-sof-rev-P.jpg
1921-P VAM-71 Cap Crack.jpg

1921-P VAM-75A Tripled PLURIBUS, Doubled Profile, Die Break Third Left Star


1921-P VAM-80 Doubled Left Stars & Date, Die Gouge Wing-Body, Scribbling Die Scratches

21-obv-dateP.jpg 21-rev-dateP.jpg

1921-P VAM-81 Doubled Profile, Date, Left Stars

See 1921-P VAM-3FW
21p-81-obv-P.jpg 21P-81-rev-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-81 Nose Crack.jpg

1921-P VAM-81A Doubled Profile, Date, Left Stars, Polished Reverse, Break E D

1921 Obv VAM81A Cracks.jpg 1921 Rev VAM81A Cracks.jpg
Dh1921VAM71Aobverse-paint.jpg Dh1921VAM71Areverse-paint.jpg

1921-P VAM-82 Doubled E Pluribus, Scribbling Die Scratches

VAM82lfcpOB.jpg VAM82lfcpRE-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-91 Tripled Stars and Date, Tripled Reverse Legend

1921-P VAM-91 Obverse.jpg 1921-P VAM 91 Reverse.jpg

1921-P VAM-100 Doubled/Tripled Right Stars, Polishing Lines Eye

ARS 1921 P V-100 01.jpg ARS 1921 P V-100 02-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-104 Tripled Left Stars, Doubled Right Stars, Spiked O

1921-P-V104-ALGOT-PLATE4OBVp.jpg 1921-P-V104-ALGOT-PLATE4REVp.jpg

1921-P VAM-106 Tripled Left Stars, Doubled Right Stars, Date & E PLURIBUS, Scribbles #157

2018-03-28 11 47 22P.jpg2018-03-28 11 47 06P.jpg

1921-P VAM-106A Tripled Left Stars, Doubled Right Stars, Date & E PLURIBUS, Scribbles #157, Die Break A

Weth21v3et-obvp.jpg Weth21v3et-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-111 Tripled Left Stars, Doubled Cap Top & STATES OF *New 2017*

Vincar 1921 P Vxx 1-P.jpg Vincar 1921 P Vxx 2-P.jpg

21obv-p.jpg 21rev-p.jpg

21-c-ep-obvP.jpg 21-c-ep-revP.jpg

21-2star-obv-P.jpg 21-2star-rev.jpg

21-64-unk-obv-P.jpg 21-64-unk-rev-P.jpg

U3-obv-p.jpg U3-rev-p.jpg