1921-P D1 Die File Lines

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1921-P Die File Lines

Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1B1 Polished Reverse
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1B2 Polished Die File Lines Reverse, Pitted Reverse NE *New 2015*
1921-P VAM-1O2 PLATE 25 OCT 2010.jpg
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1G Polished Upper Reverse, Die Gouge Wing Tip, Scribbling Die Scratches
1921-P VAM-1G Gouge Wing Tip.jpg
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1L Die File Lines Upper Reverse
1921-P VAM-1L Die File Lines.jpg
Camera.jpg 1921-P VAM-1M3 Heavy Die File Lines Reverse
1921-P VAM-1M Die File Lines.jpg 1921 VAM 1M COUNTERCLASH.JPG
Camera.jpg 1921-P VAM-1M4 Die File Lines Obverse, Beveled Hair Edge, Heavy Die File Lines Reverse *New 2015*
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1AC1 Die File Lines in States
21P VAM1AC Die File Lines STATES.jpg
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1AC2 Die file lines in STATES, Retained Cud at E Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1921 Vam 1AC2.JPG
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1BI2 Thread-like Die Impression Eye, Die File Lines Reverse, Die Gouge T *New 2016*
20161130 125952.jpg
20161130 125957.jpg
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-27A Infrequently Reeded, Die Gouges over ST of STATES, Scribbling Die ScratchesFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Late die state with flakes over S and T of STATES
1921p vam27a lds h.jpg
NESVT2009042 1921P 27A 2.JPG
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-41B Tripled Left Stars, Pitted Lower Reverse, Die File Lines Lower Reverse (Top 100 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg *Revised 2015*

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