1921-P D1 Die Crack Break Guide

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Obverse Template

Reverse Template


D1 Reverse

1921-P VAM-1E Pitted Wreath Bow (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)

DHvam1Eobv-p.jpg DHvam1Erev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-1N Die Break D

1921p-obv 1N-ljs-030717r.jpg 1921p-rev1N-ljs-030717r.jpg

1921-P VAM-1Q Scribbling Die Scratches

1921-P VAM-1T Scribbling Die Scratches

DHvam1Tobv-p.jpg DHvam1Trev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-1Z Scribbling Die Scratches

DHvam1Zobv-p.jpg DHvam1Zrev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-1AC2 Die file lines in STATES, Retained Cud at E

Djk 1921P VAM1AC2 breakmapobversea.jpgDjk 1921P VAM1AC2 breakmapreversea.jpg


1921-P VAM-1AR Scribbling Die Scratches



1921-P VAM-1AS Die Breaks Third Left Star, Scribbling Die Scratches

1921-P VAM-1AT Scribbling Die Scratches

DHvam1ATObv-p.jpg DHvam1ATrev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-1AZ Die Gouges ST, Scribbling Die Scratches

DHvam1AZobv-p.jpg DHvam1AZrev-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-1BB Die Break A Top

1921 VAM-1BBp.jpg 1921 VAM-1BB Revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-1BD Scribbling Die Scratches #137


1921-P VAM-1BF1 Scribbling Die Scratches #139

ARS-1921-P-V-1BF2- 01-P.jpg ARS-1921-P-V-1BF2-02-P.jpg

1921-P VAM-1BJ Multiple Periphery Die Breaks Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg*New 2016*

2018-04-01 11.45.12-1BJ-o-P.jpg2018-04-01 11.45.45-1BJ-r-P.jpg

21p VAM-1BJ-DC crackmap obv-R.jpg21p VAM-1BJ-DC crackmap rev-R.jpg

1921-P VAM-19A Quadrupled Left Stars, Die Break M AMERICA

21p vam19a obv.gif21p vam19a rev.gif

1921-P VAM-19A LDS: Quadrupled Left Stars, Retained Cud AMERICA

21p vam19a obv.gif21p vam19a rev ret cud.gif

1921-P VAM-20A Doubled Profile, Stars _ Hair, Pitted Reverse LL

538489145LFCPobvsmall-p.jpg 538489145LFCPrevsmall-p.jpg

1921-P VAM-28 Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Jaw Front, Scribbling Die Scratches

1921-P VAM-28A Infrequently Reeded, Doubled Jaw Front, Scribbling Die Scratches, Beveled Denticles

Ha21-v28A-vss-obvp.jpg Ha21-v28A-vss-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-29 Infrequently Reeded, Tripled 9 _ Stars

1921-P VAM-29A Infrequently Reeded, Tripled 9 _ Stars, Beveled Denticles

Ha21-v29A-vss-obv.jpeg Ha21-v29A-vss-revp.jpg

1921-P VAM-43 Doubled Hair and Stars, Scribbling Die Scratches

Occ-nc-1921-p-v43-1-21-14p.JPG Occ-nc-1921-p-v43-1-21-14ap.JPG

1921-P VAM-55A Doubled _ Tripled Stars _ Date, Doubled Reverse Legend, Breaks Wing Tip


1921-P VAM-66 Tripled Obverse

ARS 1921 P V-66 01.jpg ARS 1921 P V-66 02P.jpg

1921-P VAM-66A Tripled Obverse, Die Break O

1921-P VAM-67 Doubled Left Stars, Tripled Right Stars, Die Gouge ST

NLM-1921P-V67-042114-fullobvP.JPG NLM-1921P-V67-042114-fullrevP.JPG

1921-P VAM-76 Doubled _ Tripled Stars, Dbld Motto, Scribbling Die Scratches


1921-P VAM-89 Doubled Profile, Scribbles on Face

1921-P-V89-DENNIS-OBV.jpg 1921-P-V89-DENNIS-REVc.jpg