1921-D Dots

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1921-D Dot coins

The origin and of the dots found on 1921 coins is still a mystery. They are present on coins from all three mints but are most prolific on 1921-P coins (See 1921-P Dots). Opinions on the likely origin of the dots range from hardness tests on the die, to markers identifying a specific die. One theory challenged by several experts holds that they are the result of inferior die steel, with bubbles trapped in the steel, not made on purpose. Scarce and elusive, 1921 coins with these dots may rise in value as more collectors pursue them.
(research is underway to identify and catalog dot coins. Please add your notes and discoveries to VAMworld!)
1921-D VAM-1D Dot on Eagle's left shoulder (as viewed)
1921-D VAM-1AE Dot on right wind tip
1921-D VAM-1AK Dot over 2nd 1 of Date
1921-D VAM-3 Dot under Wing
1921-D VAM-3A Dot Under Wing, Streamer Wing Die Break
1921-D VAM-4 Multiple Dots
1921-D VAM-9B Dot next to R of AMERICA
1921-D VAM-11B Dot in upper tailfeathers. Unconfirmed for all die stages.
1921-D JOH-3 Dot next to P of P in PLURIBUS
1921-D VAM-18 Dot between lower 2 arrow heads
1921-D VAM-1AH between wing and F of OF? Check