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1904-o Pitted Dies

Pitted Reverse Dies

 1904-O VAM-1B1 Pitting in OL 
 1904-O VAM-1B2 Pitting in OL and Bottom Eagle's Left Wing
 1904-O VAM-1B3 Pitting in OL and Bottom Eagle's Left Wing, Counter Clash Lip 
 1904-O VAM-4A Doubled Date, Pitting in OL 
 1904-O VAM-4B "Rusty Fish Hook", Dbl Date, Pitting OL, Clashed Obv I & u (Hit List 40) (Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars) 
 1904-O VAM-5A Pitted Reverse
 1904-O VAM-35B Doubled Left Reverse, Counterclash Obv. Doubling, Clashed Obv. In & s, Gouges A 

Pitted Obverse Dies

 1904-O VAM-23A Far Date, High O, Rust Patch BU 
 1904-O VAM-23B High O, Rust Patch BU, Clashed Obverse n 
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