1904-P VAMs

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Mintage 2,788,000
Proof Mintage 650
Dies Used not known
Rarity in PL 8/10 (very rare)
Die Study complete

1904 Morgan dollars are considered to be a scarce date, marking the last few months of production of Morgan dollars in Philadelphia under the Sherman Act. The mint went out with a whimper, producing dull, lackluster coins with mediocre strikes that, tend to have rough surfaces -- a far cry from the high quality coins produced in 1903. Using PCGS population reports, the average grade of a 1904 is nearly a full point lower than the average 1903. Cherrypicking and patience are required to get a coin with good luster, strike, and eye appeal. Prooflikes are extremely rare and without contrast. Varieties are mostly uninteresting, with only some minor doubling observed and the spiked 1 on the date punch (VAMs 3, 4, 10).

Attribution Guide for 1904-P

1904-P Die Study Observations

Official VAM Listing

New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-1 Two VAM-1s inside Lfcp-icon.jpg
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-1B Die Gouge Eagle's Neck
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-2 Doubled 1-4
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-3 Spiked 1, Doubled 4 & Liberty Head, Doubled Reverse Lettering Lfcp-icon.jpg
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-3A Spiked 1, Doubled 4, Collar Clash 7-9 O'clock Lfcp-icon.jpg
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-4 Doubled 9-4, Spiked 1, Doubled Reverse Lettering Lfcp-icon.jpg
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-5 Doubled Profile & Ear, Die 1 and 2 Lfcp-icon.jpg
New White Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-5A Doubled Profile & Ear
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-6 Doubled Profile, Dies 1 (NOT KNOWN TO EXIST), 2 and 3
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-6A Doubled Profile, Pitted Obverse & Reverse (Formerly VAM-1A) Lfcp-icon.jpg
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-7 Doubled Reverse Legend
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-8 (PROOF) Lfcp-icon.jpg
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-9 Doubled Profile, Die 1 and 2 Lfcp-icon.jpg
New Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-10 Doubled Profile, Cap Top, Hair Front, LIBERTY, Doubled Reverse Lettering
New White Camera.jpg 1904-P VAM-11 (Proof) Doubled Profile, Doubled Reverse Lettering

List of Past VAM Assignments

VAM-Delisted.jpg 1904-P VAM-1A Pitted Reverse (Eliminated, became VAM-6A)

New Camera.jpg Photos of diagnostics shown on page.
Lfcp-icon.jpg Full-coin photo of VAM.
VAM-Delisted.jpg VAM has been eliminated altogether or phased into another number.
New White Camera.jpg No photos posted for this VAM.
Pcgsvam.jpg This VAM is recognized by PCGS.
Ngcvam.jpg This VAM is recognized by NGC.
As ANACS, SEGS, ICG, and Variety Slabbing Service (VSS) recognize all VAMs currently in the official listings, no icon is shown for these services.