1904-O VAM-5A

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1904-O VAM-5A Pitted Reverse

Discovered by Maurice Dubreuil, February 1975.

5A III2 4 - C4a (Doubled 1-4) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 4- 1 doubled under top crossbar. Closed 9. Top right of 4's lower crossbar doubled.
Profile slightly doubled.
Reverse C4a- Reverse pitted around OL in Dollar. Heavy polishing marks in eagles wings and tail feathers plus wreath bow.

Comments: If your coin has these reverse features, it may not be the 5A, as other VAMs share this reverse.pitting (1904-O VAM-1B1, 1904-O VAM-1B2 ,1904-O VAM-1B3, 1904-O VAM-4A, 1904-O VAM-4B): There is speculation that the V1B1 is the same as V5A, and effectively eliminated the V5A.


LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

1904 O vam5a pitting.jpg
major polishing in wreath:
1904 O vam5a wreath.jpg

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