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1904-O VAM-5A

1904-O VAM-5A Doubled 1-4

Discovered by Maurice Dubreuil, February 1975.
5A III2 4 - C4a (Doubled 1-4) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 4- 1 doubled under top crossbar. Closed 9. Top right of 4's lower crossbar doubled.
Profile slightly doubled.
Reverse C4a- Reverse pitted around OL in Dollar. Heavy polishing marks in eagles wings and tail feathers plus wreath bow.

1. If your coin has these reverse features, it may not be the 5A, as other VAMs share this reverse.pitting (1904-O VAM-1B1, 1904-O VAM-1B2 ,1904-O VAM-1B3, 1904-O VAM-4A, 1904-O VAM-4B): There is speculation that the V1B1 is the same as V5A, and effectively eliminated the V5A.


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major polishing in wreath:

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