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1904-O VAM-4A

1904-O VAM-4A Doubled Date, Pitting in OL

Discovered by Maurice Dubreuil, January 1977. Revised 2004, 2011.
4A(revised) III2 3 C4a (Doubled Date, Pitting in OL) (189) I-3 R-5
Reverse C4a - Pitted reverse around OL and heavy polishing lines in eagle's wings and tail feathers as in VAM 5A reverse.

  • Leroy had stated that this is the same hub defect (spiked 1) as the 1904-S VAM-10. This "spiked" 1 in the date is a flaw in the date digit punch or logotype, and was not in the hub. He has revised his thinking based on different date placements of the 04-O V4,4A,4B; 04-P V3,V3A,V4,V10 and 04-S V10. Note that the "spiked" 1 only occurs in 1904 at all three mints.
  • The VAM-4A comes with both a single clash episode and no clash. There is no letter transfer with the single clash episode, so it falls into the VAM-4A classification. The VAM-4B is a double clash episode, where the letter transfer occurred during the second clash.


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Die pitting visible through OL of DOLLAR = 9 upper loop strongly doubled on lower left outside and top inside.


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